Classic Disney Movies

  • Walt Disney has brought some of the finest movies geared towards families throughout the years. Films the entire family can enjoy together without any fear of objectionable material popping up. Many of these films are personal favs mostly seen on video or DVD. Here is a list of ten of my all time fav Disney classics.

    Song of the South (1946)
    Adapted from the series of Uncle Remus tales by Joel Chandler Harris. The film is both live-action and animation. Amazingly this film has never been re-released since the 1980s, and continues to spark heated debate as to it’s' "appropriateness" for the 21st century, the film depicted America in a much different time. Rating (8 of 10)

    So Dear to My Heart (1948)
    So Dear to My Heart again combines live action and animation to tell the story of a young farm boy (Jeremiah) and his pet lamb (Danny). Danny turns out to be rather rambunctious, causing Jeremiah's grandmother to wish Jeremiah would get rid of it. Rating (7 of 10)

    Treasure Island ) (1950)
    Walt Disney, branching out from animated films to "live-action" and produced Treasure Island, based on Robert Louis Stevenson's 1881 adventure novel. Rating (6 of 10)

    Old Yeller ) (1957)
    Young Tommy Coates steps up to help his mother take care of their ranch and their family when his father leaves to drive their cattle herd to market in Kansas. When a stray dog takes up residence at the Coates ranch, Tommy makes a friend for life. Old Yeller and Tommy battle snakes, raccoons, bears, and life and epitomize the phrase "man's best friend" in this timeless classic. Rating 8 of 10)

    The Shaggy Dog ) (1969)
    Through an ancient spell, a boy changes into a sheepdog and back again. It seems to happen at inopportune times and the spell can only be broken by an act of bravery. Fred Mac Murray stars. (Rating 6 of 10)

    Swiss Family Robinson ) (1960)
    The Robinson family is dealt a terrible blow when they find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island. All is not lost as the family bands together to not only survive, but grow, flourish, and thrive in a spectacular house built in a tree. Rating (7 of 10)

    The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)
    The Absent-Minded Professor is a Disney movie about a character called Professor Braniard who invents a strange substance that accumulates energy when it strikes certain types of surfaces. He discovered it accidentally by reversing a sign in one of his equations. Professor Braniard then decides to name the substance "Flubber". Or Flying Rubber. Great fun Rating (7 of 10)

    That Darn Cat! ) (1965)
    Hayley Mills and Dean Jones are in for a treat in this purr-fect Disney family film filed with comedy, mystery, and adventure. When a young woman's Siamese D.C. (Darn Cat) turns up wearing a wristwatch as its collar, she figures out this is a tip-off for the ongoing case of an unsolved robbery and kidnapping. Hair-raising comedy continues as jealous boyfriends, nosy neighbors, and an allergic FBI agent try to crack this case. Rating (7 of 10)

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks ) (1971)
    Flying high atop a magical flying bed, orphans Carrie, Paul, and Charlie take on an incredible, mystical world alongside their house parent Miss Price. Rating (7 of 10)

    Never Cry Wolf ) (1983)
    Based on Farley Mowat's real life study of wolves in their natural habitat, Never Cry Wolf takes a look at the impact of wolf life on nature's ecosystem. Farley was hired to show how wolves were killing off the caribou herds in the Canadian tundra, however, what he learned proved the wolves might not be the enemy after all. Rating (8 of 10) A Must see.

    Many have been released in between these titles and many after but these are just a few of my much beloved Walt Disney films that I feel today’s kids are really missing out of.

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