The Dammed Don't Cry - (Intro)

  • It is now day four since he had been bitten on the left arm by one of them, those unholy walking dead creatures. It is also now over three years since all things went to hell and the dead started to walk again and seek the flesh of humans.

    Four days ago they were set upon suddenly by two of them and in the fight he was bitten on the arm, he immediately thought it was the end of him and he almost put a bullet in his brain, he decided to wait, he did not get a fever and now four days later the bite has started to heal. The rest of the group still keeping a distance watches him suspiciously, still ready for anything.

    “look, it has been 4 days and I am not sick no fever, nothing, I am either immune or something has changed and mutated over the years.” The dead had also mutated from walking rotting flesh to now something that more closely resembles a demon, we call those mutated one's hybrids. They no longer are rotting flesh but seem to be a complete diff creature, something from one of the many horror films he used to watch when there were movies, electricity and movie industry, but that is all gone.

    The group now had to shift their weariness from Michael because coming through the forest was that now familiar groan as a pack of the dead seems to be heading directly towards them………..


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