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  • 21 Feb 2016
                    The Apocalypse                                                                                                                                                 (Chapters 15-17)                             Warning: THE FOLLOWING STORY MAY CONTAIN GRAPHIC MATERIAL....READERS DISCRETION ADVISED!!!                                                                                                            Chapter 15: Finding A Way Home  Lt Cdr. Elaine had survived the crash as well as the rest of  DT6. Maj. Garnet got on the radio and called his brother and told him that a zeek had ran into the engine of the C-17 and it had crashed. Everyone was fine he said to his brother to reassure his feelings. "I'm sending a rescue plane to your location. Keep this radio on and i will trace its signal so we can have S&R team come to u. I want SitRep (Situation Report) every 3 hours until the S&R team gets to you. Copy?" Said his brother. he replied copy. "OKAY is everyone ok, is everyone fine? I just got off the radio with my brother he is sending a S&R team that will retrieve us..but we have a pic up location that is about 12 clicks out..we need to move or we will not make. keep your guns locked and loaded. Don't fire unless necessary anyone that is not with us considered hostile so be prepared to fire." Maj. Garnet told everyone. DT6 started to move and within the next 4 hours they won't know what their walking into. Maj. Garnet and DT6 had been traveling to the pick up location for about an hour now it was fairly dark outside. Two men and one woman with a small child approached DT6. Maj. Garnet told everyone to halt as he heard footsteps in the distance.                                                        Chapter 16: You Win Some You Lose Some    He gave a signal to ready their guns we the small group had finally revealed themselves. Maj. Garnet told everyone to lower their weapons as he approached the two men. "Sir can help us?" Ask one of the men, who turned out to be a viciously tall teenager, about 17 years old. "Yes, my wife and two boys are out of food and water have been surviving by just running away.. our ammo has been exhausted and we have been in so many situations where we have had to escape from other groups..." The Man said after his son. Maj. Garnet told them where they were going and what would happen afterwards. The man asked Maj. Garnet if they could come along, and just before Maj. Garnet could approve they heard to loud screams! The rest of the group rushed to the scene only to find Lt Cmdr. Elaine being torn apart by zeeks. Everyone in the group knew what would happen after that. Elaine was buried later that night. DT6 including the small group they acquired on route are now heading to the pick zone it has been two hours and just about time for a SitRep to the general. As Maj. Garnet proceeded to turn on the radio, Daniel decided to climb the tree with some binoculars and scope out the area. As he scanned the surrounding area he noticed some bright orange figures that seemed to create a large wave. Daniel zoomed in about 567 yards only to identify the figures as a huge horde of zeeks!!! This horde spanned about a mile in each direction.                                                                                       Chapter 17: The Final Stand Point    As Daniel climbed down Maj. Garnet and the rest of DT6 had joined Elaine in the great above. The small child and mother were all that was left of the small group that DT6 picked up. She was crying loudly and attracting zeeks from around...before Daniel could get to ground level to save the woman and child, about 17 zeeks had surrounded them and started turning them. Daniel was the only one left of DT6 about 17 minutes later Daniel was just sitting in the tree reflecting on what just went down. As the horde passed right under him...the branch he was sitting on began to crack and creek. He continued sitting there aimlessly, as if he didn't even hear or noticed the cracking branch. The branch snapped and he fell right in the middle of the horde... he began to cry and stared in to the night moon as he knew it would be his last time seeing the moon. 4 hours later the S&R team arived at the pick-up zone only to be greeted by marauders. The shot and killed of the people inside and hijacked the plane only to crash it after failing to engage fuel reserves.                                                    The End
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  • 05 Oct 2015
                              The Apocalypse By: EpicBoy                                           (Chapters 1-2)   (WARNING: some content in this story may not be suitable for some readers... reader discretion advised)                                                                                      Chapter 1: Conflict Between Countries The United States, Russia, China had a conflict in which they were to decide who should be the weapons capital of the world. This title meant that all the allied countries had to request a weapons shipment when need from that the country that held the title. Everyone started to get frustrated and aggravated neither of the countries' rulers could decide on who would hold the title and soon China became impatient and that's where everything got out of hand. The Chinese Prime Minister stood up and pulled a gun from one of his guards holsters and shot president Putin rulers of Russia! President Obama stood up and ran for the door as one of his secret servicemen shot the Chinese Prime Minister! The United States became furious with the events that just happened. Obama and his team rushed back to the united states and authorized a nuclear/biochemical war on Russia and China. The United States had the upper hand, the other two countries would be so busy and overwhelmed by what just happened that by the time the noticed they where and nuclear war they wouldn't have time to react. 30 Minutes later Trident Missile II and Trident Missile III (nuclear weapons produced by the USA) were launched in Russia and China!                                                                  Chapter 2:The Apocalypse Has Begun! The missiles were aimed at the capitals of China and Russia. Within 20 minutes China and Russia, where without a government! The U.S. launched FOX II and FOX III (biochemical weapons produced by the USA). These missiles were aimed for the central area of both countries. The impact of these missiles will wipe out more than half of the Russian and Chinese population. Within 2 hours, Russia and China had been completely destroyed! The chemical fallout and the radiation fallout had been so great that it reached the stratosphere where it caught up in a Jet Stream, creating a deadly mixture of radiation and chemicals, and started to travel around the world. Thus, beginning the world wide apocalypse.                                                           6 Hours Later 7:25PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) Los Angels, Nevada 10/06/2018     The Earth's population had been Approx. 7-8 billion people, but the spread of the Fallount mixture had reached all of the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth and killed all lowering the population to only 1-1.5 billion left, in other words North and South America was left in the world and would soon be consumed by its own weapons. If you need a time since then America has about 4-5 hours left before the fallout gets to them. Among the 1.5 billion people left on Earth was a group of kids and teens, seven to be exact. There was the oldest of the friends which was Karly, she was 18 and the youngest, Tyler, who was 10. Jane was 14 and she was the smartest one of them all, there was her brother, who was 17 and his name was Daniel. He was a childish guy, but very intelligent. The most mature of them all was Harold, he was 16. The Shy one was doing and he really was the quietest one of them all, he was 12. Lastly was Jeff you typical 13 year old ladies's guy. The group had been staying in an underground house that they had built when Jane and Daniel's father had been alive 2 years ago. The house was built to be air and water tight all around. It had a front entrance a back exit and a secret trap door in which you could fit 20 people if anything went wrong. It also has gas mask and other emergency equipment. Jane and Daniel's dad had taught them all how to wear and survive in the event of an emergency. The group had been staying in there for about 3 days while they were out of school for a holiday, and today was their last day inside the house. Six hours and it was about 1:30-1:45AM (PST) had passed before they finally got tired and started to call their families to say Goodnight but no one answered. They started to get worried and left the house to go see what was going on and what they saw was no what they were expecting!!!!  
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  • 18 Dec 2016
                              XSL1 Vulcan: The Future Is Here   ***WARNING:  The following story may not be suitable for all audiences as it contains mild Violence, Military weaponry, Etc.  Please read At your own discretion!!!***                                                       The Following is a personal suggestion to ages who suitable to read the below context:  USA 12+/ UK 15+/Other: 16+ Chapter 1: The Decision                "Welcome Back Mr. President, how was your trip to Bali?" "Not the best trip I've but a well-needed vacation if I can say that much." "Well sir, I guess this would be a bad time to welcome you back home...Right?" "No it's not Bailey, Not at all I'm very much happy to be home. Prep the meeting room I heard there was a meeting today." "Yes sir, soon as we get you settled in I'll call in the Gen. Toughens and SecDef. McGarthy." "Good job Bailey. You might be looking at a pay raise in your future, and not just cause you're my long time friend." Both laughed. President Odin and Secret Service Chief Bailey walked into the break room and continued their little chat. "Well bailey, I have to say, although I'm not too excited to to be back in front of a mountain of papers I am glad to back here with you." "Thanks, Mr. President sir. It's alway a pleasure." "Well go on Bailey, get Toughens and McGarthy in here. I guess it's something serious if they're coming to me right after my trip." " Yes, Sir. Right away Sir." Bailey left the break room and went to the reception desk. " Hey, you call the General and Secretary of Defence in now. The president is ready." "Ok. Yes, Ma'am right away." The Lady at the reception desk was a rookie, so the yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir was stamped on her head for a while.         About 25 minutes later General Toughens and Secretary McGarthy had finally arrived and walked rather quickly to the president's office. Without invitation General Toughens barged in loudly, secretary McGarthy and Bailey followed, waking up the president from his jet lag nap. "Mr. President sorry to wake you, but this is urgent. A 15-year-old boy from Colorado named Skater_TJ, Don't ask why he told us that but it's beside the point. He is top of his class and has currently 23 scholarships awaiting his acceptance." "Ok, so what so urgent about this general?!" "Well, sir everything he designed a satellite that projects a plasma-hypophyilic beam capable of destroying anything in its path." "Are you telling me that you want to buy an advanced weapon module from a 15-year-old who won't even give us his real name?" "Yes, sir that exactly what I'm asking." "Well before we negotiate price I want to see him and meet him before I put money in his pocket." " Not a problem sir I'll prep Marine 1 and we'll be skyborne in 15." "No, I want him to come to the White House." "Roger sir I'll email them the flight details as soon as I set them up." "Toughens I want first class seats and 100% security surveillance and protection  as soon as they arrive." "Roger Sir."           After 2 days had passed  TJ had finally arrived in D.C.  He walked to the departures area and looked for his pick up. Four Big men code-named Brutus, Pashka, Nakita, and Tango had a sign with Tj's name on it. he walked up to them and surrounded him in a circle. They escorted him to a metallic black Chevy Tahoe platoon that had a line of 4 cars. he got in the second one and they sped off, on their way to  The White House. "Copy General PC is on its way at 75 miles per hour. ETA: 12 minutes." "Copy that Nakita makes sure nothing happens to that kid, and make sure he gets what he want as long as he's here in less than 15 minutes." "Yes, sir." "Hey Mr. Secret Service guy, would it be any trouble to stop and get me some McDonald's or something. That airline food didn't really stay down." "Sure Mr. TJ, just as soon as we get off the interstate. Are you sure you want McDonald's there's more here than just that." Nikita said with a smile. Nikita had a son about the same age as TJ. So he treated TJ as his own, even though they had just met. Nikita lost his son in a terrorist attack in 2024, when someone tried to bomb the White House. Nikita's son Joshua had been in the blast radius of the suicide bomber and was killed by the concussive blast and fragment that was propelled at him. So Escorting TJ was an honor for him.                  20 minutes later they arrived at the White House and rushed up to a secure room meeting room. TJ's face lit up as President Bosworth turned around in his chair to greet the 15-year-old mastermind. "Mr. President... I..." He stuttered nervously. "It's an honor to meet you in person Sir." "No TJ, The pleasure is all mine. Meeting an American student that is developing for our country." "Yes, Sir I'm very glad to be in the White House for something good rather than bad." TJ laughed nervously. "So TJ, tell me, how exactly does your satellite work?" "I was hoping you asked me that Mr. President. Get ready for Virtual Reality, or as we in the tech industry call it VR for short." President Bosworth slipped on the bulky eye goggles and looked very impressed. "Wow, it feels like I'm really in space." He smiled. "Yes, That what VR is. Now if you begin to feel sick just let me know and I will pause, so you can gather you balance back up." "Got it." The president replied nervously. "What you are seeing is a standard launch pad at the NASA base in Huston Texas. The satellite module is its cargo. From here on out we'll call it SatMod. Now SatMod can be installed and programmed in space just like the International Space Station (ISS). The only difference is it won't take 5 years to put together, more like 5 days. Once SatMod is powered up ready, it is capable of wiping out cities as big as Dallas in one blow. One of the best features of the SatMod is that it has variable radiuses. This means that you have 6 different types of targeting modes that include: Anit-Personel, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Areal, Anit-Aircraft, Anti-Armor, and Anti-Spacecraft. All 6 of those modes have sub-modes. I'll explain. First off the Anti-Personel mode is designed to take out specific people that you target, without a lot of casualties. There are three different Anit-Personel radiuses. Those measures consist of 2.25, 5.0, and 8.96 inches. All of which work just like a bullet. It fires from space and intercepts your target at almost Mach 5!" "Wait one minute TJ, so you're telling me that SatMod can kill one person without being detected? So in other words an Unmanned Weapon Module capable of stealth missions?" President Bosworth said interruptingly. "Precisely Sir!" TJ responded.                    "As I was saying, The next mode, Anti-Vehicle, has 4 sub-modes radiuses: 25.65, 55.25, and 86.01 inches. These radiuses are designed to take out enemy vehicles. Such as cars, trucks, boats, and even submarines. Yes, Mr. President, my SatMod design is capable of detecting other stealth vehicles, without compromising its position. The next mode is Anti-Areal. This mode has only two settings: Anti-Building designed to take out buildings; its radius size has a maximum of 50.05 yards and a minimum of 20.50 yards. The other one is Anti-Base; Its radius has a max of 400 yards and a minimum of 100 yards." "Sorry again for the interruption, but I must ask this question; so you're telling me that I can take out entire enemy military bases?" The president questioned. "Yes, Sir Mr. President. The other thing I was going to mention is that this SatMod requires the same security procedure as a nuclear launch. This security feature will prevent any possible traitors from firing on the USA. It is also designed to be un-hackable. Its carbon nano shielding, along with its solar flare, and heat shielding will prevent any and all attempts of signal interference. It also has an alarm system that will sound if an attempt is taken. The alarm will go off in NORAD and they will relay it to you. Now back to SatMod's system. The next mode is Anti-Aircraft; this one is the same as Anti-Vehicle, but the Anti-Aircraft is specifically designed to target high-speed aircraft. Next is the Anti-Armor. This mode is designed to take out enemy armor such as Tanks, Battleships, missile launchers, etc. Anything that has rather high damage capacity.           Now you may ask, how does the SatMod penetrate armor? Well, the SatMod has an energy burst tank that will activate when it is set to Anti-Armor. So the beam changes from a plasma beam to a Hydrochloric overdrive beam. This will heat the beam and it will melt any armored vehicle that it targets. Once the beam has penetrated the armor it will send a concussive blast that will blow the target to pieces. Last, but certainly not least is the Anti-Spacecraft mde. THis mode is designed to target potention enemy space craft that may be trying to manually get control of the system. It targets ust as normal with a bean destoying the craft. This also works on long-range nuclear missile if there should ever be such a  war. Now the final feature of my design is the Self-Destruct Activation. This works by successfully getting trough all security features and commanding it to Self-Destruct. The SatMod will the engage its remaining power in its power cells and fire its after burner into the deep reaches of space and will blow itself apart until there is little parts of it left. This mode is designed for emergancy uses. Such as if someone should successfully get to the SatMod and try a hacking procedure." " As President Bosworth took off the VR goggles, he looked at TJ and said "What's your price?" in a very inthusiastic way hoping TJ wouldn't damand over 6 billion dollars.                   "Mr. President if you can give me a check with 3.89 billion dollars on it, the design is your as long as I get recognition for the design and my name is engraved on the shutter panal." TJ said hoping he wasn't asking for much. "Son call me Mr. Bosworth" He replied egarly. "Bailey!" The president yelled. " Get SecDef and the General in here now I have some news for them!"  About 2 minutes later they had arrived back into the meeting room with the president and TJ. "General, Secritary i beilive you have some phone calls to make about getting this thing operational now." "Yes Sir Mr. President I'm on it!" The general said quickly.                                                               2 Months Later                 "Copy Huston we are feet wet and fangs out ready for the final part installation on SatMod." "Copy that Sgt. Rager can't wait to get you back home. Huston out." "Alright John, let's get this SatMod together." "Copy that Sarg.  I'm bout' ready to go home!" "Amen to that John, amen to that." Astronauts John and Sgt. Rager had finally fished installing the final part of SatMod. It had only taken 2 hours to install, and both astronauts where on their way home. "Sir, the SatMod is fully operational the general had just given the order for power-up." "Good, I'm on my way to the tech room for first power test, and firing test." "Copy that Sir. I'll them wait up." The president finshed tieing his tie and headed for the tech room. He walked in and on a large screen was live feed from SatMod. "TJ what do you say we change the name of the SatMod? How about XSL1 Vulcan?" "That's perfect Mr. President. How about we get this thing powered up?" "Yes, we shall." XSL1 Vulcan hissed and shuttered as it powered up to full power. "60% power Sir." "Nice and steady Durwin we don't what it to overheat on its first power-up." The president said gracefully. "95%, 98%, 100% power Sir we are fully powered up and ready for beam fire." "Copy ready the launch code." everyone scrambled around thech room getting cards and launch codes for XSL1. "Steady coordinates on  35.327642 N., -110.328487 W.  Activate Anti-Areal mode. Radius size 55.26 yards." Copy sir fire a will."
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  • 07 Oct 2015
                                           The Apocalypse By: EpicBoy                                             (Chapters5-6) (WARNING: Some content in this story may not be suitable for some readers.... Reader's discretion advised!!!!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chapter 5: Survival Instincts! Kaley quickly snapped back into reality and ran for the door and the guy started limping towards her! Karley slammed the shelters 20 ton door shut and locked it tight. The light automatically came on after the darkness drowned the light sensor. The door mad a bang and a scratch, another bang and then complete silence, nothing but the sounds of their breath in the room. Jane realized something as the adrenaline subsided. She noticed that on the drive to the palace, she didn't see any bodies like they did when they were in their neighborhood. She became worried and told Karley about it. "Karley", said Jane... Jane continued, "Did you notice that here were no bodies in the cars or around the road on our way here. I mean like they weren't there like in the neighborhood, there were just gone. I saw a group of people moving around as we drove here, but I didn't want to say anything cause it might have spooked you while you're driving. They were waddling and slobing, crawling scratching, Karley I think we are in a Zomb..." just then Karley cut her off, "Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT call them things out there zombies!" Karley snapped. And with that they explored the shelter it was a 30ft. x30ft. Medium size boxed room that had a wall of Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's), a wall of weapons, and a wall that had a closet that contained 20 Biohazard suits and 20 gas mask. The closet also had silver heat and radiation resistant suits and tinted gas mask lenses. The last wall had six 40 gallon crates, water and air tight for storage. "Look everybody it is super late, let's get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to pack those crates with this suplies and be on our way to Fallon" Karley ordered. "You guys hear the Secret Service broadcast too?!?!" asked Joseph. "Yeah, and that's where we are going. It's about an hour to an hour and a half drive from here." Jane replied. Karley shut off the lights and lit a small LED camping light for a night light and they all went to sleep.                                                           The Next Day 11:35AM (PST) Los Vegas, Nevada inside The Cesar Palace Fallout Shelter   Jane yawned and opened up the shelter's door, forgetting about the guy that was outside. After the door opened and she saw him fall in and flat to the ground, she out a long and a bone chilling scream, waking everyone else up. Daniel rushed up and grabbed Jane swooping her in his arms like she was a princess. Then he noticed the body and dropped her like a stone and she shrieked again and called him a "butt nugget". They all wondered what happened and how he died after no one had been there to kill him. Jane then noticed something else, yesterday before they went to see their families, she noticed that all of the bodies were limp and dead like towels thrown on the floor, but after like 3:00AM on our way here they were all walking and crawling. "Karley I think I have an explanation for this... He wasn't killed more like he is paralyzed. It looks like that at 3:00 in the morning they all regain life and after a certain time, then go back to a dead or paralyzed.                                                                                                                                                                 Chapter 6: Road Trip They all got up and let their bodies wake up, then got to work packing the six creates with MRE's and Biohazard suits and gas masks. "Come on guys, that's everything. We need to get going, I don't like driving in the dark, and especially not now, not with those Zeeks out there." Karley said. They all took the elevator back up to the lobby and left out the front door only to find the mini van covered in bodies by the Zeeks. "Come on, there is a truck rental place about 2 blocks from here." Joseph said to relieve the frustration. 2 minutes later they reached the rental place and went inside to get the keys for a van that seated 8 people. Karley left out of the building and got the van with the others and drove away. About 30 minutes into the drive Karley turned on the radio to see what was on. She had to flip through about 20 channels with all the same emergency broadcast system. They all said the same thing, they all annoyed her, they all reminded her of the devastation. She slammed on the brakes and started in tears. Everyone looked at her as if she was one of the Zeeks outside. 5 minutes past and she finally got herself together and told them all, "We may be best friends and even you Joseph, but in my heart we are family, and I will do everything I can to keep you guys safe." Everyone said they loved her, and Jeff tried to whisper under his breath, "I love you Joseph...". Once again the car screeched to halt as everyone stared at Jeff and Joseph. The both blushed and Jeff even more than Joseph. "WHAT?!?!? I told you guys I wasn't STRAIGHT!!!" yelled Jeff.                                                                           20 Minutes Later 12:52PM (PST) 30 minutes from Fallon, Nevada     Jeff and Joseph sat in the farthest back part of the van and started telling each other about themselves. Jeff was from Los Vegas and so was Joseph. Joseph lived in a penthouse up in the tourist part of Vegas while Jeff lived in the suburbs. Jeff and Joseph stared into each others eyes Jeff's blue and Joseph's hazel. Just they began blushing again their heads slowly moved towards each other and just before their lips made contact, Karley once again slammed the brakes. They looked away and focused on Karley until they saw the Road ahead! Karley floored the car into reverse.
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Fiction 104 views Mar 08, 2017
XSL1 Vulcan: The Future Is Here (ch. 13)

                 XSL1 Vulcan: The Future Is Here

Warning: The following story contains military violence, mild language, and some pictures that may be disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion advised. (For age recommendation, please refer to Chapter 1.)

Previously on XSL1 Vulcan: The United States Space Warship fleet was facing two large cargo ships loaded with hundreds of enemy troops. Not noticing the weapon on board...the USS Summer was hit and destroyed in the battle now. rest of the fleet is in a full retreat.

Chapter 13: Chinese Tech. VS American Tech.
"Holy crap! Wait... I just realized something... Agents Shawn was on that ship... and so was Captain Jordan... Damn...I think that was our only Warship!!" Captain Chazz began to calculate their odds of survival without the USS Summer. "All ship report, What's left of the artillery? Starting with the USS Ronny G., then the USS Rachel, then USS John, then I will give our remaining artillery." Said Captain Chazz. "Copy all, this Captain Tom of the USS Posiden. we have 645 cannon shells, 45 Crusie Missiles, 864 power cells for fusion laser cannon, and battery power is full on sonics." "Copy all, this Co. Captain DoubleT of the USS Rachel. Captain Lukas had a fatal accident involving the pressure lock in the cargo bay. He accidentally opened the release hatch and the rapid decompression decapitated him. So I am now the Captain of this ship. As of now, we have 894 Cannon shells, 86 Crusie Missiles, 754 power cells, and battery power is full on sonics." "Copy all, This is Captain Vorcheski of the USS John. We have 765 cannon shells, 65 Cruise Missiles, 945 power cells, and battery is full on sonics. "Great guys, looks like we are all good on weapons. The USS Klattuu has full everything. as you all know out defenses are for last resort only. I noticed that we all have full sonics if we full amp the sonics to the enemy all at once on full power the sheer sound and vibrations should shatter the entire ship, if not make it weak, and if in that case, we can finish it off with our artillery." Said Captain Chazz.

The plan was good enough to buy them some time while a new recon warship was being built for the fleet. "All ahead full, back to battle stations! All ships Semi-Circle formation so we can surround the ship and we can have full coverage on the enemy's ships." Said Captain Chazz. All the ship kept on a steady speed back to the other side of the Earth. As the American ships began to emerge from the horizon of Earth and circled the enemy ships. All of the Chinese ship operators were celebrating about defeating the USA, but little di they know, their celebration would be short-lived. "Copy all ships fire Sonic weapons!" Captain Chazz ordered! Large-sized holes in the American fleet emerged, seconds later, an high-pitched agonizing sound came from the fleet as ripped through the Chinese carrier ships. The Chinese men scrambled to reach the weapon control room but the sheer sound ripped through the hull like a knife. It wasn't long before the vibrations of the sonics buckled the hull of the Chinese ship. men spewed out into the vacuum of space.

"Hold your fire, I repeat, all ships hold your fire!" Captain Chazz ordered. "The enemy ships are badly damaged, finish them off with the artillery. No overkill, we need to conserve the rest of our weapons in case we encounter more ships." Said Captain Jordan. Once again the loud booms and crashes of explosions and gunfire filled the silence of space. Within 2 minutes, the Chinese carrier ships were crippled and unable to fight back or even move. TJ got on his tablet and ordered the XSL1 to come to their location. minutes later it arrived. He rotated in and selected Anti-Armor. The XSL1 fired and destroyed the Chinese carrier ships completely. "Take that you son of bricks!!" Yelled Captain Jordan! They laughed and celebrated for 10 minutes until alarms began to blare again. "More Intruders?" Said Captain Chazz. The automated system the type of alert it was, "Code RED, Code RED... Black hole inbound, Code RED, Code RED... Black hole inbound!" Startled, Captain Chazz yelled over the radio, "FULL REVERSE!!! I REPEAT FULL REVERSE!!!" All the ships started up their reverse thrusters and zipped backward. As everyone looked out of the window there was nothing there. Confused, Captain Chazz said, "What they hell?" He looked around seeing not even the slightest deformation of the stars.

"Alright boys, TJ reposition the XSL1 Vulcan back over and all ships prepare for re-entry back onto Earth... We're going home, boys. We are going home." Said Captain Chazz. The ships prepared for re-entry and began slowly approaching the atmosphere gradually picking up speed. "Copy Houston this is Fleet S01 currently in re-entry phase." Said Captain Chazz. "Copy Fleet S01 the hover-strip is ready for you once you get back." Said the NASA Missions Director. Minutes later as the fleet was about to land they heard yelling over the radio! "Fleet S01, get off the base move! MOVE!" Some yelled into the radio. Right before all the ships touched down the backup hover rockets kicked in and launched the ships into the air! seconds later, 10-15 little fireballs began to explode on the NASA base. "What the hell is going?!" Yelled Captain Chazz. "They're missiles, sir! we need to get the hell out of here! TJ hack into one of those things and find out where it's being launched from. we need to get to Florida and find out what's going on." Said Commander Vermont. "What's in Florida?" Asked TJ "Another NASA station." He responded. "Sir, I got the location of the missiles. They are ICBM Cruise Missile being launched from a Chinese battleship in the Atlantic. Sir!" TJ informed the Commander. "Great work let's tell captain Chazz." He said.

"Captain Chazz, this Commander Vermont we have a location on the missile launcher. It's a water-based Chinese battleship in the Atlantic." "Great work Commander, Great work. We're changing course! Head for that battleship and let's take it out..." Said Captain Chazz. "No need sir I got it," TJ said. The XSL1 Vulcan powered up and a red emergency light popped up on the tablet screen! The message said, "EMERGENCY, WARNING: System overheat. Self-Destruct system activated!" TJ's eyes widened as he had realized the entire fleet was fooled by the Chinese.