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  • 24 Feb 2013
    ------------------------------------THE ECAPE.----------------------------------------- "My lord,we got reports of our spies that something is happening in Washington,D.C." "They know you have returned,well they say someone,from a rift between dimensions." "Yes that must be me hahaha,those fools will learn after my speech what will happen to them General Jax'tar."Apophis said. "Its good that there is that medium television now,that way i can reach the whole world,a device is installed to take over every tv satelite in space."Apophis said. "Evereybody will see my speech".   3 hours till the speech. Inside the Electric castle P.J. moved. Some disturbance got him out of his REM-sleep. His dream went over in a light sleep,he was waking up. Jake was still in REM-sleep. Now the dreams of P.J. had stopped Jake's dreams got more intens. Somehow the link made sure the same ammount of power was tapped from the brain of Jake. But somewhere else in the castle a power surge was building up. The castle shaked a bit by the small explosion from the power surge. In dream chamber 7 P.J. was now wide awake.   Arround the world strange things were happening. Watchtowers were erected in every major city. They were towering high above every building. No one asked questions,it was if the people didnt see them. In top of the towers heavy weapons were installed. Energy weapons. What was going on??   "Lord Apophis,the placing of the sentry posts arround the world will be finished in time".Senkhara said. Senkhara is second in command and he is responsible for weapons and deployment of it. "Good,good,activate them all after my speech". Apophis said. "Yes my lord".Senkhara said. "Ive got the feeling they wont accept my speech immediatly".Apophis said more to himself then to Senkhara.   Arround the borders of New Luxor emitters were placed. They were placed to create a forcefield arround the city. The city itself was expanding fast,how that was still the question. The emitters were expanding with it. the shield was also to be activated after the speech.   Inside the Electric castle P.J. was exploring the site. He noticed all doors were closed but not the chamber of Apophis. P.J. went in and saw the throne,alongside the walls he saw old Egyptian Gods. Anubis,Bastet,Horus,Sobek and more he didnt know the name of. "What is this room?".P.J. asked himself. "What with all the Egyptian stuff here?". Next to the throne on a table he saw a kind of wand or scepter,P.J. took it up and feltl a strange kind of energy running trough his hand. Suddenly he got a vision of a snake talking to the people of this Earth. Talking about,that he gives them everything if they will follow him. The snake promised them all as long they worship him in a special temple he will build soon in New Luxor. Then the vision changed and P.J. saw that the snake talked to a little strange Egyptian man he recognised as the man that took all the other people in the castle,the snake said to the little man,that all the people will be his slaves as long he give them what they want. The vision changed again,now P.J. saw that indeed the people of Earth did all the things that the snake asked from them. They lied for him,turned in freedom fighters and more things. The vision stopped.   P.J. asked himself now what a freedom fighter is but he will meet them soon enough. He put down the scepter and went to the front door. Closed ofcourse,then he went for a search for the backdoor. He found it,just when he want to try if it is open he heard a noise on the other side. The door went open with a crack and on the other side of the door was standing a boy,younger then him,with a crowbar. The boy reach out his hand and said "High im Miko,who are you?" "Eeeh,im P.J.".He answered. "Ok,something is not right with this Electric castle dont you think?".Miko asked. "I dont know,just woke up from a dream and went trough the building but nothing weird here,so far".P.J. answered. "we better get away from here now".Miko said. P.J. stepped out the castle and together with Miko they ran away. P.J. escaped the castle and he didnt know in what kind of life he fell next.   The speech was on in 10 minutes,Apophis was preparing himself. Dressing lady's were helping him to put on his robe. It was covered with gold,silver and a few strange kind of gems. "5 mins. till broadcast my Lord".Someone said by the door. Apophis was ready. "Shoral,tell Senkhara to activate the sentrytowers and shield after my speech". "General Jax'tar prepare to take over the satelites". "Yes my lord".They both said. "The world will shake after this".Apophis said with.   -----------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED---------------------------------------------        
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  • 28 Apr 2013
    -----------------------------------------Eyes from the sky---------------------------------------------   Arround the world,everywhere people who watched TV saw their screen go black. Then a sign appeared. It was a strange Egyptian symbol,it looked like a snake. Then a wideshot of a large town or city came on screen. Then they hear all a voice.   "People of planet Terra,i am Apophis". The camera turned now to a throne,where Apophis stands before it. "This world is sick but under my command i shall make it better". "Yes,sick,i have seen the world when it was better without machines but with technology that you now discover again". "Old technology and new,and i will ad more to it,follow me to the new future of planet Terra,follow me and get all what you ask,follow me and you will be the new Human". "Defy me and you will wiped out of the face of Terra". "As i speak my troops are spreading over the planet,transport after transport they are setting foot in your city's,village's and towns". "You will hear now a humming sound,after my speach you all will see what that is".   In Washington D.C. round the White House,security heard the huming sound to. It was a strong sound and John Red,head of security,went to the President. "Mr. President,inside the White House gates there is a strange huming sound hearable".John said. "Yes,i know,that guy Apophis just explain about a huming sound all over the world".Pres. Ted Son said. "He will be a danger Mr.President,if he indeed possess old technology where we dont know of,we must act on it now,before it is to late". john said. "He has done nothing wrong yet,John,yes he came from that other dimension,but we still dont know what he is capable of".The Pres. said.   "FOLLOW ME FOR NOW AND EVER AND WILL BE LEAD INTO A NEW FUTURE".Apophis said with a loud voice. While he speak that words,the strange gems on his robe started to glow,like if they were lighted from within. Now they started to pulsate,with a hypnotic rhythim. Inside the brains of the humans who were the weakest,something was changed. The thinking was altered,brought on a level that they WILL follow Apophis. The pulse was also getting in to the brains of the stronger people but it all went slower,it will take 6 months to alter their brain paterns,and in between they could shook the hypnotic influence off.   The speach has ended,Apophis gave the sign and the shield round New Luxor went up. round the rest of the world the sentry towers appeared everywhere. towering high,watching all humankind. THE EYES FROM THE SKY WERE ACTIVATED. Nothing escaped their gaze. Autonomic sentry towers capable to destroy a city. every where were the soldiers of Apophis.   "Miko,where we going?".PJ asked. "we are almost there,its our hideout,there you will meet Susan and the rest of the gang".Miko said. "Hideout?What is going on Miko?".PJ asked again. "Man where have you been the last six months?!". Miko said "Have i been sleeping for six months inside the castle???Man,what is going on".PJ said more to himself then Miko. "Miko,we have to safe my brother,he is still inside the castle". "later,we are now at the hideout".Miko said.   They enterd a shed and in the floor was a manhole,they went inside. Now they were underground and they walked for 5 minutes when they arrived at a space big as a Cathedral. Here PJ saw a lot of people,kids and adults. They walked for a while when they came by a kind of a house. they went in.   "Miko,finaly youre back,who is this?" "This is PJ,he slept for 6 months inside the castle". "PJ this is Susan,Susan,PJ".Miko said. "High PJ,so you were inside the castle,how is it like in there?".Susan asked "Uuum well what i have seen is that it is like something from Egypt,or influenced by it".PJ said. "I saw statues of old Egyptian Gods,not giant statues but just life size as if they will get of their pedestal when ordered,very strange".   The President was watching trough the window and saw a sentry tower next to the White House. From securtiy he heard that there were more round the White House. Surrounded by the towers all the people inside felt unsafe now. But as long they did nothing wrong,nothing will happen.Yet!!   Back in New Luxor Val'kri,the Architect,went to Apophis. "My Lord,the base is finished,we need the activating stones to lay on the corners".Val'kri said. "Good,here take them,you know the correct order to place them".Apophis said. Val'kri took the stones and went back to the base. he placed the 5 stones in their sockets. Apophis watched from a distant,he read a spell from the book of Thot. The stones were activated. something started to raise,something gigantic. "It will be finished tomorrow".Apophis said to himself.   Darkness fell over New Luxor,it was night. The soldiers of Apophis patrolled the streets as they did everywhere. Strange noises can be heard were the activating stones were laid down. Cracks and exploding sounds,whatever it is,it is growing fast.   In the streets we see shadows,Miko,PJ,Susan and a few other kids were skulking arround. They were on their way to a supermarket to get some food for the people in the hideout. They went arround the corner and before they know it,a blinding light was pointed at them. Then a booming voice sounded. "HALT,STAY WHERE YOU ARE".   They stood still and waited for what will come. But from somewhere they heard a sound and the blinding light went off. As quick as they were they went back round the corner. The soldier fired his rifle,a few energy beams went over their heads. "In here,quick".Miko said. they went in to some kind of an alley but it was covered with a door. "That was close".Susan said watching in PJ's eyes. "Umm,yeah youre right".PJ said turning quick his head. "Wow,did you see that weapon in action?That was cool".Miko said exited. "im more curious who killed the light back there".One of the other kids said. "Ssst,that guard has called his friends and they are searching the place now".   ------------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------------------------
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  • 17 Oct 2013
    John Noble is a perfect actor and a gentleman. Born in Australia on August 20 1948. The most of us know mr. Noble from his portrayal as Denethor in The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers (2002) and The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King (2003). As Denethor he played the second to last ruling Steward of the city of Gondor. And his faith on the end of his ruling wasnt good. Burning and crazy he run down the walls of Gondor.   In his career he played a lot of roles in many TV series. Small roles,guest roles. And he loan his voice to many cartoon characters like Unicron in Transformers Prime (2011) and we can hear him in a few video games like Bishop in The Saboteur (2009) and Leland Monroe in L.A. Noir (2011). But from 2008 to 2013 he portrayed Walter Bishop and Walternate Bishop. In this serie he let see 2 sides of him,the slightly disturbed/mad scientist Walter in our Universe and later on the devious and smart scientist and Secratary of Defense Walternate as our walter has called him. The Walter in our Universe has braindamage caused by removing parts of his brain,on his own request,by his friend William Bell--played by Leonard Nimoy--to let Walter forget how to create a bridge between ours and the other Dimension. Trough that bridge he stole 'his' son,Peter,from the other dimension as his real son has died in this dimension. in between many things happend and his wife commit suicide and after the removal of parts of his brain caused Walter to be locked away for 17 years in a mental institution. After he was recruited by the FBI to work on the Fringe team with his son Peter Bishop--Joshua Jackson-- and Olivia Dunham--Anna Torv--,John Noble in his role as Walter Bishop developed a character you wont forget fast.   For the people who are known with the actor Vincent Price--the scary voice on MJ Thriller--will recognise in the portrayal of Walter Bishop many things of Vincent Price. The way mr.Noble speaks,listen as he say "My dear",how he moves,some movements with his hands even his face sometimes is pure Vincent Price. If it was intentional i dont know,but im not the only one who noticed the Noble/Price performance. There are some episodes that feels like a few old Price movies. One episode Walter talks about soul magnets to get back the soul and relive that person the soul belongs to. Vincent Price was in a short called "The strange case of M Waldemar"(part of Tales of Terror) where they try to get the soul back by hypnotism in the same body.   The walter Bishop from our Dimension is a bit shabby if you see him. Walternate is always dressed as a real gentleman,as he is the Secratary of Defense. Perfect suit and tie. Walternate,in the beginning evil,can you see as Vincent Price in his evil roles. Avenging and planning to destroy our dimension to safe his. From time to time you feel compassion then in the same scene you hate him again. Vincent played his roles the same. Take Vincent's character Dr.Phibes,(The Abominable Dr.Phibes-1971,Dr.Phibes rises again-1972)he is angry and want to revenge his wife by killing the Docters who treated his wife after they had an accident,his wife died and Dr.Phibes his face was deformed badly. One side you feel compassion for Dr.Phipes but hate him the same time for the horrible way he kills his victims by using the 10 plagues Egypt.   If you have not seen Fringe yet,try it out. If you want to know more on Vincent Price,ask me and look for his films.   John Noble an unique actor,we will hear more from him.   Vincent Price,once called with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing,the unholy trinity of 60's and 70's Cothic Horror.   R.I.P. Vincent Price.   source: My mind,dads and my movie collection and IMBD.
    4078 Posted by David
  • 19 May 2013
    -------------------------------------------The Strangeone!--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------Part 1 of 2   .......................................................credits .......................................................Miko-Leader of the resistance .......................................................Susan AKA Hockeygirl-Smart in science .......................................................2Cool4School-Apprentice of Apophis .......................................................Riley-Specialist in arms .......................................................Special guest star: .......................................................Klattuu   "Ssst,that guard has called his friends and they are searching the place now". Some of the troopers were looking were the search light was destroyed by the mysterious shooter. Others were looking were Miko's group was hiding. "Search the place,they must be here somewhere!"One of them said. Another bright light went on and the entire place was lighted,except the place were Miko and his group was. But one of the troopers came dangerly close to the door,in the door was a looking hole and ofourse he watch trough that. He saw them hiding in the dark.   "My Lord,i heard you have send out someone to search for the Book!"Sho'ral said. "Yes,Sho'ral,with that Book i can do more things then you ever dreamed of". "I have the book of Thot,that got many incantations,but with that other Book,my power will be limitless". "Has the Book a title my Lord?"Sho'ral asked. "Let that be a surprise for you Sho'ral".Apophis said. "Ah,no more noises outside,the structure is finished building,lets go and see how it look likes".Apophis said to Sho'ral. They walked to the structure,a magnificent Pyramid,bigger then all the Pyramids that were build and were known on Terra. every layer was covered in gold and the cover stone was made out of diamond. This Pyramid stood once proud on the continent Atlantis. It was exactly the same,including whats in it,or better said under it. And that was what Apophis was after. The complete fleet of Atlantic gliders,including 3 master ships Apophis has ordered the rest of his troopers to come to Terra,the rip was still open and 10.000 more troopers came down. In the hangar under the Pyramid were standing 20.000 gliders in perfect condition. "My lord,where do we station the new troopers,we dont have space for them".Sho'ral said. "We do have enough space Sho'ral,under the Pyramid,so no problem there".Apophis said.   In Egypt,the Apprentice of Apophis has find the Book. Now he was on his way back,at costums they tried to hold him on stealing property of the Egyptian culture. But with one wave of his hand,they fell down on the floor of the office and he went to the plane. on the way back some strange things happend inside the plane,but it was not linked to him. it was a long flight.   "Do you see something there in the alley?"the leader of the troopers asked. He kept on watching directly in Miko's eyes. "This is it friends,now he calls the rest and were done". Miko whisperd. But not of that all happend. "No sir,nothing here,just a rat".He answerd. the trooper walked away,but he dropped a weapon. "You see that?"PJ asked. "Yeah,and im sure he did not loose it but realy dropped it for us".Miko said. When it was safe,they came out of the alley. PJ walked to the weapon and picked it up. "Wow this is light,if you see it at first you think its a heavy thing".He said. "you better give that to me".They hear a voice from the dark saying. He appeared from the dark and walked to them. "And who are you?".Susan asked. "My name is Riley,and im a weapon specialist".he answerd "I helped you out there with the light with this".Riley said,pointing to the broken searchlight. He held up a strange looking device,but somehow it got something from the weapon PJ hold in his hand. "Can we trust you?"Miko asked. "Yes you can trust me,im not from here but from another city,i came here before the shield went up".Riley said. "That shield has only one entry and exit,ofcourse the Apophis man can in and out,but normal people can to".   The plane landed,and the apprentice walked to the custom but he didnt need to go trough there,outside he stepped in a Limo and they drive back to New Luxor. 30 mins later they went trough the gate in the shield. The limo stopped at the Pyramid. He walked trough the arch in front of the Pyramid and was transported to Apophis himself. "Ah,you have arived 2Cool,do you have it,do you have the book?"Apophis asked with exitement in his voice. "Yes my Lord,i have here The Book Of The Dead".2Cool answerd. The moment 2Cool said "The Book Of The Dead" an explosion in the sky sounded. It was as if something,someone,came in this world. It was inside of the shield and it fell in front of the hideout. It was an he,and he was unconscious.   "Come,then we walk to out hideout".Susan said. "We trust him like that?"Miko asked. "I can sense he is safe,no worry."Susan said. They walked a different way to the hideout and when they arived the sun was already comming up. And there they saw him on the ground,when they aproached him he woke up. "Where the he...."he started untill he saw the kids. "Where am i,who are you all kids?"he asked. "Better can ask you,who you are,strangeone".Miko answerd back. "Strangeone!Long time anyone said that to me,some spinach chin,is"youre grandfather by the way".he answerd back. "No,my grandfather has no vegetables on his chin".Miko said. "Well,the name is Ash,head-manager of S-Mart at Crystal Lake".Ash introduced himself. "And someone has The Book of the Dead,thats why i am here now".Ash said.   Back at the Electric castle something was happening again. The backdoor opend again and someone stumbled out of the building. He looked human but something was changing,his nails and teeth were changing. Not noticeable yet. Who was he,What was he?   Miko and the rest of the gang went inside,Ash following them. Once inside everybody panicked cause they thought one of Apophis men stepped inside. Miko told them not to panick and that Ash is safe. "Yeah,someone has The Book of the Dead and i want to know who got that book".Ash said while he was walking towards the adults. He didnt look out and came hard in contact with a pipe hanging low. he bounced back and he stepped on a skateboard. That caused him flying trough the air and he landed in a bathtub filled with water. "Oh my head,what the heck happend just now".Ash said more to himself. everybody was laughing. then one of the elders said what happend. "that darn pipes everytime,always there are pipes i bounce against,ooooh my head".Ash said.   "Hey you guys,its up again,i knew i have seen Ash somewhere".One of the kids said. On a tv sceen a movie trailer started,a heavy voice was to be heard. "In 1981 he came in contact with the Candarian demons,his 3 friends and his sister were taken one by one". "JOIN US!!" on screen we see a posessed one,"WHY HAVE YOU DISTURBED OUR ANCIENT SLUMBER,WE WIL TAKE YOU ONE BY ONE". "A book was the cause of all this Evil,his girlfriend was taken to". "WERE GONNA GET YOU,WERE GONNA GET YOU". "Then his last 2 friends were taken,and in the end he survived". "In 1987,Ash went back to the cabin with his girlfriend,somehow he dont rememberd what has happend 6 years ago,in the basement he found the book again,he lost his girlfriend and he lost his hand". "Then new people arived and Ash end up in the basement,there he met sweet Henrietta,a deadite". "SOMEONE IS IN MY FRUITCELLAR,SOMEONE WITH A FRESH SOULLLLL". "after a few fights the Evil came for him BIGTIME". "Ash ended up in Medeval time and fight the Army of Darkness". "then he was send back to his own time,only to discover the Evil has almost wiped out the entire population on Earth". The camera went up into the sky and into space,we see the Earth in darkness. we here the voice of Ash. "I have to fight them once again,but this is to big for me alone,i have to look for more fighters". .......................................Bruce Campbell as Ash .......................................Evil Dead 4:A new Dawn .......................................comming soon to a cinema near you. .......................................GROOVY!   "You see,he is that guy in the movie".The kid said. "What,that isnt me,yeah its my life story,but a movie?"ash said. Then they heard a noise at the entrance of the hideout. Susan walked to the entrance and then it happend,someone felt inside the entrance. "Wow,i know him,i have seen him before,but he looks different".PJ said. "Well,tell then who he is?.Miko asked. "Its Klattuu,but as said he looks different as if he is changing into something".PJ said.   Klattuu was indeed changing and that fits all in the plans of Apophis and the use of the Book of the Dead.   .........................................end of part 1 of 2
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Fan Fiction 516 views May 06, 2016
The adventures of Jake Dino ©:The tower of Darnion Mesmarox-P15

"Yes,me,is'nt that nice to see me again!"He said with sarcasm.
"Jake,who is that?.Dan asked.
"Not now Dan"Jake answerd.
"But he knows you and you know him!?"Dan said.
"NOT NOW DAN!"Jake said with a bit anger in is voice.
Jake and the other stood there,watching eachother,waiting for the other to act.
Suddenly things were changing.
Jake turned arround and saw the eyes of Dan.
The pupils were shining green and normal they were an amber color.
Jake turned back and saw the person in front of him frozen in time.
"What did you do man?"Jake asked.
"Anger,this is anger,not pointed at you but him".Dan said.
"I need to know who he is,i sense something from him that is not good".Dan said.

"I can not tell you his name,i know him and he knows me,but at the same time i dont know him at all".Jake said cryptic.
"He knows you from where?"Dan asked.
"The past,i have seen him a few times in the past and it seems he has never let me go anyhow".Jake said.
They walked towards a bench and sat down.
Jake told Dan everything that has happend up untill now.
Once in a while they looked towards where he still stood frozen in time.
Dan explained that he also had learned that when he was down there on the Seventh layer.
Many tricks were up his sleeve and now and then they surfaced.
Some are good and helpfull others were just evil.
Now Dan got a weird look in his still green eyes.
He saw something from the past that was connected to the frozen one.
Jake saw the pupils now going arround in the eyes.
Only the pupils moved arround and arround.
Suddenly small spikes came out of the pupils but they were not growing larger.
Now the spikes fired a small beams into the body of the frozen one.
Almost if Dan was a computer he was making calculations in his head.
Then the spikes went back in Dan's eyes and the pupils stopped moving.
"What happend just now with your eyes?"Jake asked.
"A simple trick to learn more from someones past,thats all".Dan answered
"And i now know who he is and what he has to do with you".

The crow was still sitting where he landed and observed everything.
At the moment Dan froze the new person the crow felt a weird shivering going trough its small body.
Now he flew away back to the woods where the Leshen was waiting.
The crow report everything and now the Leshen was thinking.
No longer under control he could finaly take decisions himself.
For now he did nothing.
He turned arround and his companions,the Wolfs and the crows followed him.
While walking back he saw that the little monsters,that were more or less the scouts for the weird tower master,were turned to tree like figures.
Does this means that the power of the tower master was diminised?
He did not know and for now did not care.
He was back at the clearing and went into hybernation until nature need him again.

"They want to kill me".Dan said now suddenly.
"What?!"Jake said startled.
"I saw a plan,i know what they want now".
"And you Jake,seems to be important for them".
"They asked you first as we both know,but you refused and now they are deploying the final plan to get you".Dan said.
"taking out everyone arround you so that you become desparate and join them".
"But what do they want with me?".Jake asked.
"That i could not see".Dan answerd.
"But you are a key figure into some plan of theirs".
"This tower is an anchor between this world and another,if we can get this tower out of the way,then the portal is closed but i dont know if that is forever".Dan said.
Slowly Jake saw that the green pupils got another collor.
Now Jake saw what collor,they became red.
"Uuhm Dan,youre pupils getting another collor!"Jake said.
"I know,i am going to scan the tower deeper,try to find an entrance".Dan said.
"Oh and this is the most extensive power i am going to use,stay clear of me now".
Jake stepped back and suddenly a large red beam came out of Dan's eyes.
A quick scan of the tower made clear how long the extensive scan will take.
"Jake,this will take four hours,dont you worry bout me cause an shield will protect me".Dan said.
And while he said that a red shield came arround Dan.
Then a very large and broad beam came out of his eyes and started to scan the tower.

Jake turned towards where the frozen person should be but discovered he sneaked away.
Now Jake was worried,with him walking arround everything can happen.
He decided to walk in the wooden house and search the place.
Jake put the glove back on just in case and he walked inside.
"Yes Jake,walk in there and look arround and maybe you will find something revealing about youreself and the tower".The person said.
Now from everywhere the towns people came out of their houses because of the red glare that was now beaming of the tower over the town.
They were all looking as hypnotized towards the tower.
MariaD and CoolJ were the first that noticed that jake went into the building behind the tower and they decided to go there and looking true the window.
While they were walking towards the building a weird figure was looking after them.
It was sitting on a roof of one of the houses.
It wanted to follow them but a voice out of nothing only said one word "NO".
Then it went up into nothing.
MariaD and CoolJ were walking by Dan and they saw now where the red glare came from.
"Wow,thats cool,it comes out of his eyes".CoolJ said.
CoolJ wanted to touch the shield but MariaD hold him back.
"Better not touch that,could be a kind of protection".She said.
"Oh yes,you could be right".CoolJ answerd.
They reached the building and were watching trough the window to see what Jake was doing.
They saw him walking towards a book that was in the back of the building.

"Now what do we have here,friends of Jake?"The person said.
"Maybe i can use them to get Jake on my side".He said.
Altough Dan was concentrated on the tower he could feel something was not right.
He could feel the kids were standing at the building and that they were in danger.
He concentrate himself and managed to get fifty percent of the shield power to channel towards the kids.
MariaD and CoolJ did not noticed what was happening arround them and they kept watching trough the window.

Jake reached the pedestal were the book was laying on.
There was no title on the leather cover.
It looked ancient.
he reached to grab the book when suddenly....

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED 





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    TheProtector To be online you need money, he is not able to get on no computer. LOL and yes he lies to his friends all the time I have the info.
    August 4, 2016
  • TheProtector
    TheProtector I hope you are all convinced now this rabbit is gone, it is now 3 Months, my sources said he came on about 3 weeks ago sent a few PM to friends saying im back now and then promptly disappeared again.
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  • Adrien
    Adrien Yes Protector Epic told me that he came a 3 weeks to a Month ago said to his friends I am back but going to England a few days he never came back. LIAR to friends..very bad...should say I am leaving.
    August 19, 2016
  • TheProtector
    TheProtector The story will be soon transfered to me, a bit more patience, just like you can transfer a club this will be transfered to me, I have even spoke to that lady about it.
    September 12, 2016