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The Game,Movie and TV Dimension. by David
Active 3 years ago 58 fans
Basic Information:
  • This club is for Assassin's Creed fans and for games in general for any console and PC.

    I have changed the name of the club,as games,TV and movie go hand in hand these days.

    Many cross-overs from tv to game and movie to game and vice versa.

    A successful example is the cross-over of The Walking Dead,its available as download on X-Box and i have seen it in stores here.

    Dont know if its in the PS store.

    And almost forgot,also for IOS and other phone systems.

    Any system you can play games on.

    Come and live the Creed. Join the bloodline of Altair,Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Connor Kenway and other Assassin's that will be later discribed here. Also here you can discuss other games. Discuss Tactics in WOW or how to beat that Dragon in Skyrim. But remember there is also an Minecraft club,you can talk about that game there. And above all,have fun.

    In this club we also handle Pinball machines.