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Teen Movie & TV Club by $NavyBoy$
Active 3 years ago 266 fans
Basic Information:

    Teen Movie Club is the one stop destination for all movie & TV lovers, post your reviews and opinions of films past and present, with video clips, trailers and movie stills. Made by teens but open to all lovers of movies and TV..come share your knowledge.

  • Rog
    Check out this one if you can NB.
    Murt Ramirez Wants to Kick My Ass (2012) - IMDb
    • May 21
  • $NavyBoy$
    $NavyBoy$ replied to the topic 13 Reasons Why
    Another great show from Netflix, and that is nonsense it might enable to kids to sucicide, it takes a look at social media and it's palce in the lives of teens and how it can be used in such a destructive maner to hurt and demean others. This is why I am
    • May 17
  • $NavyBoy$
    It has been a while but here is the next entry in our series of films with child or teen actors in a prominent role, this takes us back to 2003 with Jeremy Sumpter, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Harry Eden and the rest of the young cast in Peter Pan.
    Peter Pan (2003) - IMDb
    • May 17
  • Julia
    Julia replied to the topic 13 Reasons Why
    This show is awesome but I heard some professional people say it is not good as it kinda makes sucide seem glamorous, that sound so stupid I think it show you how being insensitive and a bully can be so devatating. I mean like teens are very cruel online
    • May 7
  • Sayeed
    Sayeed replied to the topic 13 Reasons Why
    13 Reasons Why is an awesome series, watch it.
    • April 29
  • Mikael_Kurri
    Mikael_Kurri replied to the topic 13 Reasons Why
    I watched this, it is very good.
    • April 23
  • R2D2
    R2D2 replied to the topic 13 Reasons Why
    I heard about this show, I am going to start watching it soon.
    • April 17
  • Tyrel_Rocks
    Tyrel_Rocks replied to the topic 13 Reasons Why
    It is awesome, I have 3 episodes left to watch, omg everyone should be watching this.
    • April 12