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Cameron "CJ" Adams Fan Club by CJ's Girl
Active 5 years ago 113 fans
Club Moderators:
Basic Information:
  • This club is for fans of the actor Cameron CJ Adams from the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Cameron C.J. at the age of two moved to southern New England with his parents and older brother Austin. The 12-year old is best known for his role as 'Timothy Green' in Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012).

  • Sultan of War
    Sultan of War joined the club Cameron "CJ" Adams Fan Club
    • Mon at 10:09 AM
  • TheProtector
    TheProtector replied to the topic Where are you CJ?
    CJ is a good actor but hey either like it was said he is taking a breal or it is just simply roles are hard to come by.
    • August 17
  • $NavyBoy$
    $NavyBoy$ replied to the topic Where are you CJ?
    CJ Adams was awesome in Timothy Green and Against the Wild was an ok movie for kids and families, he maybe taking a break or maybe there are no roles to win.
    • August 14
  • Shawn
    Shawn replied to the topic Where are you CJ?
    I liked The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Against the Wild, he is 17 years old now but yea almost 3 years we have not seen any roles.
    • August 8
  • MariaD
    MariaD replied to the topic Where are you CJ?
    Yea I miss seeing him, he is such a good actor but it could be he is concentrating on school or something. Plus we all know how competitive it is for teen actors, lots of sctors not enough roles.
    • August 3
  • CJ's Girl
    CJ's Girl posted a new topic:
    • July 29
  • Missthing
    Missthing replied to the topic Against the Wild
    I saw this and liked it, Timothy Green was way better but I did like it.
    • August 5, 2016
  • Rachel
    Rachel replied to the topic Godzilla
    Things have been a bit slow, maybe he just have not found a role he likes or he is not pursuing any that much he is a good actor I am sure he will be back. After The Odd Life of Timothy Green  I thought he would be in so much stuff but guess not
    • April 23, 2016