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Anne With An E - Top Rated Episodes

  • TeenStar
    April 11, 2020
    I also love The Growing Good of the World but as others said I love all the episodes and I want it to continue.
  • Calendar Girl
    April 12, 2020
    I love the episode where Billy did not shoot the Fox when he could, I forgot the episode name but I am going to rewatch the whole three seasons again during this Quarantine.
  • Shawna
    April 13, 2020
    So hard to pick a fav but I also did really love the Christman pantomime and the one that Billy and Gilbert fought and also where Billy could have but did not shoot the Fox and definitely tye final episode to date. I said to date because I am still hoping this series gets to go on.
  • Short_Girl
    April 19, 2020
    I know some love the romance episodes like 3-10 so do I but my favorite was the fun episode about the Christmas pantomime.
  • jaaccyy
    April 21, 2020
    I also love all but the Christmas show one is my fav.
  • PuppyLuv
    April 22, 2020
    It is hard to choose but I do love the Christmas pantomime episode because it is hilarious fun.
  • BoredChick
    April 29, 2020
    The Christmas show episode, the final episode that I hope will not be the final episode. #SaveAnneWithAnE and like others I love the whole series so yea.
  • Anne_Fanatic
    April 29, 2020
    I love every episode of season one, I love the whole series but season one is my fav.
  • Kori
    May 4, 2020
    Season 3 Episode 10, I wish Anne peace and happiness but would love to see the story continue, I already miss the adventures of the kids.
  • Earlene
    June 15, 2020
    First I like them all but my fav is The Better Feeling of My Heart, it is now a shame what it will be known for because there are so many more adventures and stories that can be told about these awesome kids and adults of Avonlea.