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    Gabriele Taye - Update

    Some further info to update the parents are suing the school board in Cinci. It seems the school never informed the parents of the bullying or took proper steps to stop it.
    Two days after the incident in the washroom the 8 year old killed himself, it was
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    Gabriel Taye

    CINCINNATI — An Ohio coroner has reopened an investigation into the death of an 8-year-old boy to examine security-camera video from the boy's school that shows him getting pulled head first into a restroom wall two days before he died by suicide.
    Last Replied by Steven - September 25, 2017
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    You can still do something.

    Very interesting the poll, did you ever stood up for a person you have seen getting bullied, now we know it don’t have to be physical lots of it is name calling to shame etc. Ok so the poll so far 7% said yes they have stood up for a person being bu
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