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Ninja explains why streamers boycotting Fortnite over BRUTE mechs won't work - Dexerto

Ninja explains why streamers boycotting Fortnite over BRUTE mechs won't work  DexertoFortnite's mechs are good, actually  PC GamerFortnite mech nerfs: Fewer spawns in Arenas and Tournaments, more changes could follow  GamesRadarEpic is being sued over a security issue that left Fortnite player data exposed  GamasutraFortnite update DELAY: Server downtime confirmed following patch setback  ExpressView full coverage on Google News

Some of Fortnite's most popular streamers are publicly 'boycotting' the game due to the controversial BRUTE mechs, in the hope that Epic Games either remove or significantly nerf them, but Ninja is unconvinced it will work on the ever-stubborn devs.

BRUTE mechs were added at the start of Season 10, and it didn't take long for players to realize how insanely powerful they were.

Streamers and professional players quickly grew tired of being blasted out of their builds by the mech's unstoppable rockets, and with so few counters the mechs have become almost a guaranteed win for the player using it.

Epic Games

The BRUTE mechs are both heavily armed and heavily armored.

So some of these streamers, namely Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins and Ben 'DrLupo' Lupo, decided to drop the game entirely and play rival BR PUBG for the time being, waiting out the mech's removal.

They're still waiting however, and Ninja thinks they could be waiting a long-time, arguing that even if he, DrLupo, TimTheTatman and former FaZe pro Dennis 'Cloak' Lepore all stopped playing Fortnite completely, Epic wouldn't change their plans.

"I guarantee, if all four of us stopped playing this game, and start playing like PUBG or Realm Royale, they still wouldn't remove the mechs," Ninja concluded.

Lupo and Ninja have in fact boycotted Fortnite - opting for mostly PUBG, although TimTheTatman has returned to Epic Games' mech-filled battle royale. 

The developers did make a small nerf to mech's spawn rate in competitive modes, but have generally done little to appease the complaining player base, who are unhappy with their existence at all.

Ninja and co aren't the only ones to make their voices heard either - World Cup winner Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf and top Twitch streamer Turner 'Tfue' Tenney have both made it very clear that they want Epic to remove the BRUTEs.

The v10.10 update for Fortnite was set to release on Tuesday, August 13, but has been pushed back as Epic investigate issues - players are hoping that the mech will addressed in a big way with this update.

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  • Nasru
    Nasru Yea I hate BRUTE mech they should be banned off the game or their power reduced it is insane how powerful they are.
    Aug 13
  • Lukas
    Lukas I also hope they get rid of BRUTE mechs.
    Aug 13
  • Island_Star
    Island_Star The B.R.U.T.E. Mechs are very unfair that is like cheating they have way too much power so get rid of them or make them less powerful.
    Aug 14
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