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Dylan O’Brien’s Social Network Impression Is … Terrific? - Vulture

Dylan O’Brien’s Social Network Impression Is … Terrific?  VultureHere's what Andrew Garfield thinks of Dylan O'Brien's viral 'Social Network' parody  USA TODAYThis Parody Of The Fight Scene In 'The Social Network' Is Absolutely Perfect  digg.comWatch Dylan O'Brien and Sarah Ramos flawlessly recreate iconic scene from 'The Social Network'  Entertainment WeeklyAndrew Garfield reacts to Dylan O'Brien's performance of his Social Network character  The IndependentView Full Coverage on Google News

Photo: Dylan O’Brien Instagram

Casting directors, take note: Once quarantine is over and Hollywood is back to normal, Dylan O’Brien isn’t coming back for 30 percent … he’s coming back for everything. O’Brien, the erstwhile Maze Runner and Teen Wolf star, had the internet back in its Social Network feels on Thursday when he played Andrew Garfield–as–Eduardo Saverin in a reshoot of the movie’s scream-crying climax. Sarah Ramos, pulling double duty as Jesse Eisenberg–as–Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake–as–Sean Parker tells O’Brien he’s being removed from the company, erased from its creation myth. “Sorry, my Prada’s at the cleaners along with my hoodie and my fuck-you flip-flops,” O’Brien explodes. It is a big swing to re-create the best scene from the defining movie of the last decade but O’Brien does it. Suddenly it is 2010 and I am re-blogging GIFs from the Tumblr user lawerupasshole.

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