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Spotify fix: Workaround for users who are unable to log in via iPhone after crash reported - The Independent

Spotify fix: Workaround for users who are unable to log in via iPhone after crash reported  The IndependentTikTok, Spotify, Tinder, and many other iOS apps are crashing again due to a Facebook issue  The VergeSpotify is down: iPhone owners around the world can't use the service  TechRadarSpotify down: Music streaming service not working as iPhone users complain app crashes as soon as it opens  The IndependentIs Spotify Down? Streaming App Crashing for Many Users  NewsweekView Full Coverage on Google News

Spotify's iPhone app has stopped working, leaving people unable to listen to music.

The application crashes as soon as it is opened, apparently because of a problem with the service itself.

Spotify has recognised the problem and says it is working on a fix.

But in the short term there is a way to get hold of music on your iPhone: Spotify's web interface.

Most commonly used on computers where the Spotify app can't be installed, Spotify offers a version of its service that can be accessed through the web, with no app needing to be downloaded at all.

It can be found at open.spotify.com, which can be accessed everywhere, including on the iPhone.

Actually logging in on a phone is a little complicated, because it will automatically try and open up the Spotify app, since that usually provides a better experience. In this case, however, opening up the app through the Spotify web interface will just lead to another crash.

Instead, users must choose to cancel that option, and head in to the web interface.

That functions in a largely similar way to the app version of Spotify, though with a variety of limitations. It may not function as usual in the background, for instance, and the interface is a little more glitchy than it is on the native iOS app.

Some users have also reported success by switching their phone into Airplane Mode, and then trying to open the app. Though that may work, the app will only be able to play any music that has been downloaded to be played locally.

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