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  • Posted December 21, 2020
    WOW! just wow, I only just watched this movie "The Possession" from 2012 starring Natasha, and let me tell you it is a good movie, very freaky especially in the last half. 

    So it is about a young girl (Natasha Calis) who buys this old box at a garage sale, and in this box happens to be a vicious demon trapped inside and slowly starts to possess her so her father Jeffrey Dean Morgan)  teams with his ex-wife to find a way to save her.

    Awesome seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan not as Negan as that is the only place I know him from, here he is awesome and a really cool normal dad.

    See the movie if you like good horror and Natasha rocks she is very young as the movie is now 8 years old in 2020.
  • Posted December 21, 2020
    Yes, I saw that a few years ago and scared me, I admit I am scared easily but this was a very freaky movie.
  • Posted December 22, 2020
    I have seen this movie also, Natasha Calis is really good and the movie is very freaky especially the last half. *Shivers*
  • Posted December 22, 2020
    Cool, I am going to check this out I like scary movies and Natasha Calis is hot and I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan so it is win, win, win. :)
  • Posted December 23, 2020
    This is a good one, if you haven't seen it check it out, really freaky possessed movie.
  • Posted December 29, 2020
    OMG! you guys are so right this is so freaky, I watched it after reading what you guys said here.
  • Posted December 30, 2020
    OMG! yes "The Possession" (2012) is a very freaky movie, I emphasized 2012 because a few movies shave the same name. Natasha Calis is awesome.
  • Posted Jan 12
    The Possession is a really good movie, trust me a great story some good effects and the actor that plays the psycho Negan on TWD is awesome, I actually liked him while I hate his guts on TWD. lol
  • Posted Jan 12
    Yea as I said before I really like this movie it rocks, freaky as heck.
  • Posted Jan 12
    OMG! I see you guys are talking about The Possession, I saw it and was totally freaked out it is a really good movie. It is well made and good acting, not some cheesy B-type movie, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is really good as is Natasha Calis.