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  • Posted Aug 3
    What is the story, I mean will there be a season 2 or not? I can't seem to find any definite answer either way at all. The show was popular all over the world, it had good reviews and ended on a cliffhanger that would leave any fan wondering what will happen next.

    What is it with Netflix and CBC partnership, Anne With An E could have gone more seasons for sure as it was so popular and now Northern Rescue left us with a cliffhanger and no decision, Netflix and CBC sucks.

    #Bring BackNorthernRescue

    Northern Rescue Season 2: Will Charlie accept Rick Walker as her father?
  • Posted Aug 3
    I completely agree and it makes me more Pissed that Christian Martyn is in both, Northen Rescue is a really good show and many are interested in what happens next.