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Charlie Shotwell is an American teen actor who was born on  July 17, 2007, in Madison, Wisconsin. Charlie started acting at the age of six and is known for the title role in the  Netflix horror film "Eli" (2019) and as Joseph in the comedy film "Troop Zero" also from Netflix that same year.

Shotwell started out his on-screen career playing Daniel in an episode of the series "The United Colors of Amani" in 2014. The next year he had a recurring role in the series "The Comedians." His other television roles include the TV movies "Still Single" and "Dr. Del" both in 2016 he also guest-starred in the series "Chicago Justice" (2017) and "Staged Dad" (2019).

Charlie kicked off his feature film career by playing the son of Shia LaBeouf in the thriller "Man Down" (2016) and Nai in "Captain Fantastic" (2016). For 2017 he added three credits to his resume with a role in "The Glass Castle,"  "My Days of Mercy," and "All the Money in the World."

He continued his run of features with "The Nightingale" (2018) and then played Eli in the Netflix film of the same name and the same year was Joseph in "Troop Zero." Charlie also played Benjamin in "The Nest" and watch for him in "Morbius" (2021), "The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre," and "John and the Hole" all in post-production.