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Kevin Hernandez

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Kevin Hernández walked into his very first audition for a TV commercial a few years ago brimming with confidence. He knew acting was something he knew he wanted to do and he landed the role. It’s the same confidence Hernández builds on as his young career continues to blossom.

Hernández is originally from El Salvador and so far has worked with the likes of Mel Gibson in Get the Gringo (2012) and Jonah Hill in The Sitter (2011) and has the talent and smarts to work with many more top stars in the years to come. Along with those feature films, he also played ‘Kevin’ in the short film Eye of the Future (2011). Kevin appeared in the 2013 movie Short Term 12 playing the role of Luis and the 2014 film "Sex Ed" as Tito.  He also appeared in "Internet Famous" (2016) and Watch for him in "Behold MY Heart" as Drew in 2017.

Hernandez has also worked in television appearing on series such as "The Unit" and "My Name Is Earl" in 2008 and in 2009 he appeared in the TV movie Expecting a Miracle and played George on the short-lived series Surviving Jack. Kevin also guest-starred on the series "the Bridge" in a 2014 episode titled 'Beholder' playing Arnold.

Hernandez said he started in acting when he was about seven or eight years old and landed his role on The Sitter after beating out over 1,000, and after three auditions he landed the role. He stated that working with Mel was great and added Gibson truly showed me how to act, taught him many things and was fun to work with.

Kevin Hernandez has a great future and has commented he has worked in comedy and would like to tackle more dramatic roles.