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Thaddeus J. Mixson


Thaddeus J. Mixson who is also known as Papa J. Mixson is a young actor, singer, dancer, and rapper that hails from Chicago.

Mixson has a key role in the film "Safety" as Fahmarr a young boy who is secretly sneaked on campus and raised there by his freshman football-playing brother Ray-Ray McElrathbey played by actor Jay Reeves. The biography sports drama comes from Disney+ and starts streaming in December 2020.

Mixson will also play Tommy in the upcoming “Till Death” which stars Evangeline Lilly of Lost as a woman dying from cancer. After Convicted felon Jimmy is released from prison after serving twelve years for armed robbery then vows to give her, his childhood love interest the best last year of her life but unfortunately, things prove not to be that simple.

In 2014 Thaddeus first appeared in the short film “The Grind” as Bruce he was billed as Papa J. Mixson, the film takes a look at Sam a recently divorced man in a daily grind facing the hardships of his life. Having lost his family and his job and his whole world seems to be crashing down around him.

Thaddeus is an all-around entertainer who is starting to make waves check him out on his Instagram page