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Playing in the river rapids during lunch!

Christian Martyn's Album: Christian Martyn - Breakout

DESCRIPTION : From the set of Breakout, filmed in Saulte Ste Marie in the summer of 2012.

  • David Christian M
    David Christian M   ·  April 25, 2015
    Look like you are have fun.
  • Christian Martyn
    Christian Martyn   ·  January 10, 2014
    This wasn't a scene - this was during lunch break. This section of the rapids was pretty mild! They wouldn't let me go down the big section of rapids in the movie - that was my stunt double.
  • OG John
    OG John   ·  January 10, 2014
    They must have had some precautions tho, cant just let a kid float down river., sorry but im always curious how scenes are done in movies.
  • Christian Martyn
    Christian Martyn   ·  January 10, 2014
    No, it was fun!

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