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How lucky am I???

Christian Martyn's Album: Snowmen

DESCRIPTION : Snowmen was the very first movie I ever filmed, or auditioned for! It stars Ray Liotta and Christopher Lloyd, and was filmed in Utah for 2 months in early 2009. I was able to film it because I'm a dual citizen, so now I am SAG eligible!

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  • Upton
    Upton   ·  August 21, 2017
    LOL, I wonder how old he is in that time of Snowmen, maybe 9?
  • StewartG
    StewartG   ·  June 5, 2017
    One on each side. lolz
  • CiscoKid
    CiscoKid   ·  November 23, 2016
    hahaha one for each cheek.
  • Shemeka Coates
    Shemeka Coates   ·  August 18, 2016
    How cute.

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