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Christian Martyn's Album: High School Football 2017

DESCRIPTION : Finally posting some high school football pics. We've won 3 out of 4 games so far, and our school is in the top tier of teams in the region. I'm #80, usually left slot, but not always.

  • Britty_Baby
    Britty_Baby   ·  October 16, 2017
    Like our Rugby, rough and tumble. cx
  • Raphaël
    Raphaël   ·  October 14, 2017
    @Christian, thank you for the answer and explanation.
  • Christian Martyn
    Christian Martyn   ·  October 14, 2017
    It depends on the school. Our school is grass, as are most school fields, but some do have artificial turf. The school fields with turf are used for more than just high school games - leagues for both tackle and flag play on them.
  • Raphaël
    Raphaël   ·  October 14, 2017
    Is the field artificial turf? it seems on some pics and Grass on other..I cant believe a school has turf.

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