Say bye bye to boring online summer camps, online meetings and

  • Camp Avatar Platform combines zoom styled video conferencing and screen sharing, with 3D social media networking, 3D Avatars and 3D Virtual Camping grounds for a more enjoyable and interactive online summer camp, online meetings, and online events.

    Miramar, Jun 5, 2020 (  - Online summer camps are boring, ask any kid who has to sit thru a zoom all summer.

    What's worse, kids in a zoom camp cant interact very much physically with other kids or the teacher.

    Say bye-bye to all that with the FREE Camp Avatar Summer Camp Platform

    Camp Avatar Platform combines zoom styled video conferencing and screen sharing, with 3D Avatars and Virtual 3D Camping grounds.

    Camp Avatar allows kids to use the avatars to walk around a virtual camp grounds and to interact a lot more with each other and with the teacher, than using zoom only.

    It's the next best thing to being in an actual summer camp in the woods.

    Multiple 3D environments keep kids entertained with lots to see and do, while teachers love
    that kids can use their 3D avatars to sit in a virtual seat in a virtual classroom and interact with each other while still being in the zoom styled conference.

    Camp teachers can also post video lessons, links, and other teaching materials all around the virtual camping grounds for kids to watch while exploring.

    Kids themselves can record short TIK TOK styled videos, edit the video by adding video effects, text, and background music etc to their videos, then post their videos around the camp site for memories of their camping experience. Other campers can watch, like, comment, share, and vote on them.

    Unlike a zoom only based summer camp, Camp Avatar is open 24/7 so even when camp is over for the day, kids can still go there to hang out since the zoom styled video conferencing is built in.

    Mini multi-player games are also included so kids can do things together. The avatars can perform animated dance moves, drive dune buggies around the camp, ride canoes, fly on drones and in choppers, shoot spiders and robots, bowl in a virtual bowling alley, and practice shooting hoops on a virtual basketball court.

    Camp Avatar is totally free and is designed for use by people who want to start their own online summer camp, or for use by existing online camp owners who want to jazz up their existing camps offering to campers for free.

    Camp Avatar Platform can be used for/by:

    * Online Summer Camp businesses (any type of summer camp)
    * Any type of online meetup group
    * Online School Graduations or Commencement Entertainment
    * Online Summer School classes
    * Online Virtual Expos and Virtual Events
    * Online Business Meetings

    Camp Avatar uses secure encrypted SSL for all communications, and camps can be password protected so only authorized people can enter. No personal information needs to be entered at any time.

    Camp Avatar is TOTALLY FREE and currently works on PC and Android, so those who want to start their own summer camp or jazz up a camp offering they already have should jump on it now.

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