A Look back at Disney's Hit Series Jessie

  • After four seasons and 101 episodes Disney Channel ended production of the hit series "Jessie." There will still be plenty to see of the young leads in spinoff series "Bunk"d," the show is toplined by original series’ stars Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson who will reprise their roles as of Emma, Ravi and Zuri Ross, respectively.

    Meanwhile the popular Cameron Boyce was off to headline Disney XD’s new live-action comedy, “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.”

    Looking back over the four seasons Jessie has been bringing entertainment into the homes of Disney channel viewers. The show is full of antics and humor good for the entire family. The setting is in New York City where a small town girl, Debby Ryan who plays Jessie, comes from Texas to be the nanny of a high profile couple. The couple has 4 children who bring an array of personality into the mix. The oldest of the 4 children, Emma, played by Peyton List, is the only biological child of Ross family. The younger three are adopted from various areas of the world as well as from far different backgrounds. Luke Ross, who is played by Cameron Boyce, was born in Detroit. Ravi Ross, played by Karan Brar, was born in India and is the newest to the Ross family. Zuri Ross, played by Skai Jackson, is the families’ most sassy member adding lots of fun to the mix.

    The parents, Morgan and Christina Ross, make very few appearances throughout the series. Nanny Jessie and Butler Bertram end up being the primary caretakers of this exciting brood. You can often find Jessie lecturing the parents about spending more time with their children. She is a bit outspoken, which at first the family doesn’t care too much for. However, it grows on them and each new episode Jessie seems to bring the family closer together. You can also find the family chasing after Mrs. Kipling throughout most of the episodes; Mrs. Kipling is Ravi’s pet Asian water monitor lizard.

    From episode to episode, you watch Jessie and the family grow as new people. Jessie becomes more confident and able to handle city life, while offering a bit of country to those around here. Bringing in a bit of country allows the Ross family to slow down and really focus on what matters, which is each other. Jessie makes many mistakes along the way and their love for her keeps them from being too hard on her, and she gives the love right back.

    The best thing about the family is their love for one another. Even if they are busy cracking jokes on each other, or too busy to spend time with one another, when they are all together, it is as though they’ve never been apart. Part of their celebration as a family is celebrating “Gotcha Day.” This is the anniversary of each of the child’s adoption day. They celebrate it much like a birthday and the parents roll out the red carpet and retell their story of adoption each year.

    While things look like they may be a little crazy during each episode, there is always a lesson viewers can take away from it. With witty humor from both the adults and the children, all family members can relate to at least one of the characters in the show. Overall the show provides lessons, love and entertainment to all those who choose to watch the show.

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