The Walking Dead - Has it Jumped the Shark?

  • Has the Walking Dead jumped the shark? A once great show is now merely ok and often mediocre. With the conclusion of the seventh season, we have to wait for season eight for the start of the war with Negan and the saviors.

    So after Negan and the saviors are taken care of where does the show go from here? I guess readers of the comic series have an idea but to its credit, the show doesn't always follow that by the letter.

    I suppose some other group with a maniacal leader is on the horizon but how long can viewers put up with this same plot line over and over. The group oppresses our heroes and are ultimately defeated, how many more time do we need to see Rick beaten down and then come back with a fury?

    How many times to see Daryl and carol go into a sulk and then come out of it? How many cares anymore about these characters? I suggest the best characters are long dead with the last two being Glen and Sgt Abraham. Who cares what happens to Tara or Rosita or Eugene the coward?

    The Walking Dead was great television in season one and the much maligned season 2 in my opinion was not that bad, for me I started losing interest in season 5 right after episode 3 and since then it has been ups and downs but mostly downs.

    I think the walking dead lost steam a long time ago and is limping along now because the numbers are still good, there are some who can’t get enough I guess and are happy to watch same plot events over and over.

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