Summer Movies 2017

  • War for The Planet of The ApesThe summer 2017 movie season is on it's way and it is a time for the big blockbusters to explode across our movie screens. Some of them are in release such as Spider-Man reboot and the latest Transformers, these were the good releases. Some of the early releases this summer 2017 have not stirred up much excitement, the best is yet to come so I will take a look at some of the titles to watch for that are in release and coming soon.

    A Ghost Story

    A ghost story is an American supernatural drama story that was released on 7 July. The story is based on a dead young man who returns to his old home as a benevolent ghostlike presence trying again and again to connect with his beloved wife. Hope you will like this upcoming movie.

    Austin Found

    Looks like a great movie by its trailer. A great story of a woman who is fed up with her lifestyle so she arranges a scheme to make her family instant celebs, then her ex-boyfriend enters the story and kidnapps her 11 years old daughter. The film stars Linda Cardellini and Skeet Ulrich and was released on July 7.

    Do you Take This Man

    The story is about two characters named Daniel, and Christopher. Both are very much in love and they are going to marry tomorrow. However, Daniel and Christopher have to rely on their close friends to help them through drama on the evening of their wedding. It stars Jonathan Bennett and Anthony Rapp and was released on July7.


    The movie is going to do a good business in box office. The story is about the superhero who loses his powers shortly after turning forty, and he is must adjust to his new life. The film delayed several times has now be acquired by First Pond Entertainment.

    Undercover Grandpa

    Another great movie is going to release this summer where a girl he likes goes missing, Jake enlist the help of his grandpa and his friends from WWII.

    War for the Planet of the Apes

    Well, judging from its trailer I can say that this movie is going to be a blockbuster and the fact that the  earlier sequels were hits. In this chapter, Caesar and his other Apes fellows are forced into a deadly area with an army of humans lead by a ruthless Colonel. After suffering a lot of unimaginable losses, the Colonel and Caesar are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the future of the planet.


    After a vicious car crash, a bestseller novelist Bill Oakland loses his sight and his wife. Suzanne Dutchman who is socialite person is forced to read to Bill in an intimate room as a plea bargain.

    Granny of the Dead

    In the horror movie, a guy Ed awakes one morning to find that his Grandma has one of the living dead. Ed somehow struggles to handle the situation, but suddenly he knows that every elderly in the town have also been infected by the zombie plague. Ed has to save his family and friends and become a hero.

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