The Art of Survival Ch. 6-7

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    Chapter 6: Anger and Revenge

    Niklas, Jaxon, Jacob, Boston, and Wyatt ran to the Operations Room under the headquarters building. Niklas scanned his retina and the door opened. "Access Granted," the computer said. They all walked in and Danny greeted them, "Hey guys, come on in. You're right on time." Noah escorted them all to their seats and the meeting began. Danny took out his speech, "Let me start by saying what happened yesterday with the BanShees, was a deliberate act of war. We suffered one casualty and use too many valuable resources. Hear me out on this plan, and I'll consider alternate options after. Due to the nature of the attack, we were forced to retaliate to protect our community. We use resources that could have been used for better things but used it on the BanShees. So as a consequence to them I thought we should repay the debt." Danny threw a small spherical ball into the air. The ball hovered and projected a 3D hologram of the banshees Bass. As you can see the banshees base is split up on two sides of the Lasa Riverbank. The BanShees' base is a perfect square. 200 yards of Chain link fence on all sides."

    "At the four corners of the base, there are watchtowers. According to our scouts, the watchtowers aren't that high tech. They seem to just be equipped with patrol snipers. These are not automatic snipers which mean there are people in those towers keeping watch. At the northwest corner of the base, there's a weapons cache and at the southeast corner, there is an explosives cache. In the center on the west wing of the base, there are living quarters. We predict this where most of them will be. In front of the living quarters, about dead center of the base, right off the riverbank, is the RPG tower. This is where they hold a bunch of missile launchers, explosives, and whatnot. On the other side of the bank is an MG tower manned with an MK-48 machine gun. Connecting both sides of the base is a bridge that they built over the river. Our first plan of attack is to take out that bridge so they cannot restock either side. So the first strike will be on the bridge. Our second hit will be the weapons cache and the explosive cache to stop any of them trying to restock their weapon systems. Next, we move on to the RPG and the MG towers. This will lower their ability to hit us from the high ground. Our fourth point of attack will be the sniper towers. The towers are facing outward so they won't be able to get a clear shot on us once we're inside the base. Keep in mind we're not going to fully charge is at the sound of a signal. All of these hits will be made by missile hit zones targeted by the Dragula. I'll final hit point will be on the living quarters. Any survivors will be left alone to tell the tale. This base is roughly equipped it with about 240 people mostly men it has been confirmed are there are no children and no one under the age of 25 here so do not hesitate because I'm pretty sure they won't hesitate on us. They didn't hesitate when they came busting down our door yesterday. "

    Danny concluded his speech and everyone pondered for a minute. A hand went up and Danny answered immediately. "What do we do if we have non-combatants?" Jaxon asked. "If they're non-combatants or anyone that surrenders, do not fire. Give them their chance at life and let them go on. But do this with caution. If you feel that the person is not being genuine, do what you have to do. Remember everyone this is not going to be a war. This is us showing our force, showing how serious we are, and how capable we are at keeping our ground." Danny responded. Surprisingly, that was the only question. Danny asked if there were any objections or any suggestions for an alternative plan. No one answered. Danny dismissed the meeting and everyone left to start prepping for the attack tomorrow. Danny's tablet received a notification from the Satellite Tower Operations Room or STOR. Danny called to Aiden and told him to come to STOR with him. When they arrived, they were greeted by the head of Intel, Stewart. "Hello, Danny." He said, "I have good news that will practically bring new powers to our community. We may even be able to make Louisiana the number one sanctuary." Danny's eyes widen as he was suddenly curious. "As you should know, our community is on a counterintelligence military base and a counter-attack base so this should interest you," Stewart said.
    Stewart escorted them down a corridor that leads to a vault door. The door was a shiny chrome color and stood a whopping 10 feet high. "Now this vault door is approximately 3 feet thick of solid steel and marble and I thought to myself, what could be back here that they would want to keep so secret. Finally cracked the doors access code after about 2 weeks of algorithms and whatnot." Stuart continues escorting them through the door and down a stairwell. Stewart, Danny, and Niklas traveled about 40 feet into the ground until they reach the bottom of the stairwell where there was a giant door. At the top of the door, a sign lit up that said "Vulcan Operations". Danny thought to himself, "Vulcan, Vulcan, I've heard that name before, but where?" "I've come this far and this door seems to only be opened via retina scan or voice recognition. Neither one of those has a backup code so we're pretty much stuck here. I just thought you might want to see it." Stewart said. Danny pressed on the access panel. It illuminated and ask for a retina scan or voice recognition. Danny decided to go with voice recognition first. He spoke into the microphone and said something random. "Access Denied!!!" It said. Danny scanned his retina and for about five seconds what felt like minutes, the access panel illuminated green. "Access Granted!!!" It said. The door hissed as the hydraulics began pulling the bolts apart to open the door. The seal on the door creaked open and released the air pressure inside. Danny merely stumbled as he walked into the room and saw a huge TV screen. On the screen was a live feed of Earth from space. Danny looked at it and asked what it was and looked flabbergasted. Steward said, "This is a live feed from what looks like a satellite module titled XSL1 Vulcan. From what this says it's a weaponized satellite system." Danny's heart raced as he flashed back into time remembering the time he spent with the Secret Service and the president. "Danny, why do you look so surprised? Do you know what this is?" Niklas asked.

    Chapter 7: Rise of the Orbital Weapon

    Niklas watched as Danny fell to his knees in pure awe of Vulcan. "Danny, what's wrong bubba?!" Niklas asked. "Buddy, you may not believe me. To be honest, none of you may believe me, but I designed this module." Danny said. "We've been trying to get into this room for the past 2 weeks. Now we have a classified file. Stewart said. "Yeah, I know. That's because it's classified for those who were in the original plans and the original meeting to launch XSL1. This module is my pride and joy. I thought it was destroyed after the space warship fights." Danny explained. "Computer, activate voice recognition," Danny yelled. Out of nowhere, a voice sounded, "activating voice recognition. Please State the passcode for XSl1 Vulcan." The computer said. "Operation Lima, Oscar, Delta, Echo, Sierra, Tango, Alpha, Romeo," Danny responded. "Access granted. Declassifying file." The computer lifted the classifications and on the front of the file.

    "See I told you so." Danny boasted. Niklas and Stewart's jaws dropped and their eyes widen, surprised that the person that they've known for so long what's a commanding officer of a highly advanced orbital satellite weapon system. Danny stepped up to the Vulcans control panel, "Everything is just like it has been since the last time it was used." Danny caressed the buttons and levers. "Alright here's how it works. Watch closely. One max charge takes about 10 minutes to recharge after it's first initial fire." Danny typed in some coordinates and the Vulcans camera zoomed in. On the screen was the BanShees' home base. Danny set the charge to the max and set it to "Inferno Mode". "Danny what is Inferno mode," Niklas asked. "It means Vulcan will use heat lasers and have the ability to set fire to most if not, all matter.

    Danny was seconds away from firing XSL1 Vulcan when Stewart grabbed Danny's hand."Danny wait. Think about this maybe we shouldn't just go full-on death mode on the BanShees. What if we used this as a threat to show them what we're capable of if they decide to cross us again?" Danny powered off the Vulcan satellite and nodded. "Good idea, It's best we don't think like the BanShees and go full death run on them. Prep a convoy we ride there tomorrow morning and introduce Vulcan to our friends." Everyone left the Vulcan room and went back to the barracks where they prep to sleep and get ready for the big day. When Danny and Niklas arrived, Niklas slammed the door shut and pretended to be angry. "Danny! Why didn't you say you had that?! We could have saved hundreds of lives! Saved thousands of resources!" Niklas yelled. Danny spun around and look at Nicholas surprised, "Did you not hear me in there?! I told you that I thought it was destroyed!" "How could a satellite get destroyed?!" Niklas yelled. "A long story okay?! We'll talk about it later! Like I said when we were in the VO Room, I could not believe that it was still there." Danny responded. Niklas cried and hugged Danny. "You're such a baby!" Danny laughed. Niklas punched Danny's arm and smiled.

    Meanwhile in Washington D.C.

    "Mr. President, the secretary of defense is on the line with some urgent news!" The receptionist said. "Okay, send him through." President Dunnage said. "Good evening Sir, there's something you should know. I'll make this short since this is an unsecured line, XSL1 Vulcan is operational and just powered on." The phone hung up and President Dunnage sat for a minute. His secret Service men around him became worried. "Sir are you okay? Are we under attack?!" One guy asked."No boys, but y'all weren't around when President Bosworth was in office so it may be difficult for you all to understand at this point." President Dunnage said. About two minutes later after President Dunnage sat for a little longer, two secret service members walked forward and said, "Sir, we served as her security detail." They both said. One was a male and the other female. "Really? Okay, you two stay here. Everyone else step out for a minute please." President Dunnage said. "I'm going to tell you all this, and from this point on, it does not leave this office. As of now, it is top-secret and only four people in this country know about it. XSL1 Vulcan is operational..." President Dunnage said sternly. they both jaws and looked at each other in pure confusion. "Prep Air Force One we're going to Louisiana." President Dunnage said.

    To Be Continued...

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