Hot Games - 2017

  • Legend of ZeldaThere are many great looking video games we played so far in 2017, and more games are coming out soon. There are many North American releases, but Japan is not left behind in the competition of releasing great video games. You will be shocked to read that most hotly anticipated games are Japanese this year.

    Well, here is a list of most important and the best video games currently announced for a 2017 release. Take a look and let me know which one you want to buy.


    Arms is actually a boxing game and released by Nintendo. This game uses both motion controls and button. Boxers have boxing gloves and spring arms. It looks different, and Nintendo makes what we can expect from them. A good game.

    Divinity: Originals Sin 2

    This version of the game is the follow up to the original divinity. Original sin was the one of the most clever role-playing and charming game ever to come out in years. In this version, they expand everything that made the original so great with good graphics, a bigger world, and other good choices. You will not want to stop playing this game once you get started.

    Fire Emblem Echoes

    This game is the reimage of the second Fire Emblem game (Fire Emblem Gaiden). This version is launched in 3DS surprisingly after the launch of the Fire Emblem Fates last year. It is not that we complaining about that because the more they release Fire Emblem the more is better for their users.

    Flame in the Flood

    A good story game in which a girl with her dog survive in a roguelike wasteland by raft, looking around for resources, setting up camp, and escaping predators like huge bears. A good trailer release for the PS4, hope that this will rock the world.

    For Honor

    This game is released by the Ubisoft. In this game, the knights, samurai, and Vikings do glorious battles. This game is for those people who to play fighting games like MOBA. The game is released in Alpha. You will have to wait some more to play beta version and full version. Great concept game, we will see reviews later that how satisfying the combat ends up.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Breath of the wild is one of the best anticipated titles of this year. The game is coming to both the brand new Nintendo Switch and to the Wii U. Moreover, this game borrows some of the art styles of Wind Waker. This game is awesome as it makes other changes as well including stat-based weapons.

    There are more games released in 2017 such as Taken 7, Super Mario Odyssey, Shards of Darkness, Star Citizen, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Rime, Resident Evil 7, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Game lovers are going to love this year because so much they have seen so far and going to enjoy more. Do play the games I mention, these are some of the best of this year.

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