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What is the purpose of Facebook Like buttons? How are Facebook Like buttons useful for my content?
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Facebook Like buttons enable you to get organic traffic to your content. Using this button, visitors to your content will be able to “Like” your content. This will share your content with their friends on Facebook. Whenever a visitor would click on the Facebook Like button on your content, a related story will appear on their friends’ News Feeds with a link back to your content on this website.
Depending on the settings chosen by our site administrators, these Facebook Like buttons will also show to visitors their Facebook friends who have liked the content.
Our website also contains deep integration with the Open Graph of Facebook. This is dependent on the settings chosen by our site administrators. With this Open Graph integration, for all your content which have a Facebook Like Button, a corresponding Facebook Page will be automatically created. Your content’s Page will show up in the same places that Facebook Pages show up around Facebook. This means when a visitor Likes your content by clicking on the Facebook Like button on your content, a connection is made between your content and that user. In this case your content will also be shown in the “Likes and Interests” part of that visitor’s Facebook Profile. If you have linked your site account with your Facebook account, you will be able to publish updates to all those people on Facebook who have Liked your content by using the “Admin Page” link next to the Facebook Like button.