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  • Updated: April 22, 2014
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How do I create a Quizz?

Create a quizz by folowing these instructions below.

1. Click Quizzes on menu bar on top.

2. Click create Quizz

3. Enter the information as requested, Title of the Quizz, Keywords, Select a Category and enter a description.

You can upload a photo but this is optional.

4. Click Create Quizz

5. You must first enter a minumun of 2 results for the answers, in a simple one question quiz for eg. CORRECT and WRONG. On this first screen lets enter your first result using Correct as an eg. The enter a description YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT..be creative enter anything you choose. CLICK ADD RESULT. then CLICK SAVE RESULT

Repeat same as above to create a second result in this eg enter WRONG and in description could be You need to try again or anything you choose. CLICK ADD RESULTS. You now have two results if you are providing more than 2 options for each answer you have to emter the results to match since this is for just a one Question quizz the answers can only be RIGHT or WRONG. Now SAVE QUIZZ RESULT.


6. CLICK NEXT STEP and Enter the Quizz Question in this example..Let us just ask WHO IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Now in the results fields below next to CORRECT you must enter the correct answer to the Quizz in this case you would enter BARACK OBAMA, you must provide a WRONG answer so enter eg. GERALD FORD.

7. Click NEXT STEP

8. Cick PUBLISH and that is it.