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Games and Staying Fit

  • Riley
    September 5, 2017

    All some thing about is games like COD, me I prefer to get out I am fit as a fiddle I run a mile each day, I play 4 sports and yes I still play games but some people are just couch potatoes.

    I am not putting down gaming because I play games but some kids and yes adults take it to a new levbel, you have 30 something men sitting in parents basements headphones on playing and talking to kids while they wait for the dole check.

    Get out and see the world, play games stay fit you will drop dead of heart failure because lal you do is sit and snack on junk food while shooting dowen pixels on a screen, the video game industry have turned generations into zombies.


  • RichardD
    September 17, 2017
    Dart Maul and Tristan you do not not al people that play video games are a bunch of out of shape couch potaoes. I play a lot and I am as active in sports as you wil find.
    Yes I agree there are many kids and adults that play way to much and are not out and being active but do not lump us all in the same basket. I play 3 sports on teams out of school and play on 2 school teams and is on the track team.