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Season 8 Ep 8 (Spolers -do not read if you have not watched)

  • JessieJ99
    December 11, 2017

    So we are at the midseason point of season 8 and once again it seems Rick and his crew are once more down and out and on the run from Negan.

    This show is all about back and forth, Rick and group are beaten down, they rise up and Megan is dowen, Negan rises up and Rick is beaten down. *sigh*


    Well the worst part is carl has been bit and that is the end of Carl Grimes, I knew it and I saw it coming because I keep hearing that he is going to college and wanted off.

    I guess I stop watching now and yes I was watching for Chandler Riggs.

  • Niran
    December 12, 2017
    I belive Chandler Riggs wanted off the show or he would not have had that happen, he has had enough and want to take care of his school lessons.