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    Felix Avitia Fan Club

    This fan club is for actor Felix Avitia of Disney's Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything, I invite all fans of Felix and the show to my club to partcipate with adding photos and videos and talking about the show and Felix. :)

    led by FelixA_Fan

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    Emjay Anthony Fan Club

    Emjay Anthony was born on June 1, 2003 in Clearwater Beach Florida, Emjay is know for movie "Chef" and the comign soon "Insurgent", "Incarnate" the TV series "Rake" and much more. THis club is for all his fans and those of the movies he star in.

    led by Jazzy_Girl

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    Chandler Riggs Fan Club

    This fan club is for actor Chandler Riggs of AMC's The Walking Dead where he plays Carl Grimes, he was also from the film Mercy and Home Invasion.

    led by JessieJ99

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    Ben Hyland - Fan Club

    This club is for all fans of Ben Hyland who played Zach Godwater in season one of The Strain. Ben played Zach Goodweather the son of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather in the first season of the FX series. See more of Ben at IMDB, Twitter and here at Teen Stars

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    led by Keesha

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    Ryan Potter Fan Club

    My fan club dedicated to Ryan Potter of Supah Ninjas, inviting all fans of him to come aboard.

    led by Potter_Girl98

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    Christian Martyn Fan Club

    This fan club is all about Canadian actor Christian Martyn from the hit  series "Anne With an E" and the movies Too Late to Say GoodbyeSnowmenHome Alone: The Holiday HeistBreakout  and more.

    led by T.O Girl

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    David Mazouz Fan Club

    This club is for fans of David Mazouz who plays Young Bruce Wayne on Gotham and was also Jake Bohm on Touch, watch for him in the movies Conversations with Andy, Incarnate and The Games Maker.

    led by New_Girl

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    Halm's Fans

    This club is for fans of Teo Halm the cute teen actor of Earth To Echo and much all fans join up.  Follow the club on Twitter.

    led by Teo's_Girl

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    Get your Game On

    This subgroup of Teens Movie Club is for the topic of gaming of all types here post photos and videos, tips, tricks, cheats and anything associated with gaming. Click the following link For Great deals on Used Video Games, Systems & Accessories Free

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    led by RichardD

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    Rock music

    For people who love rock bands,emo bands,punk,and dub step bands
    led by Tina Marie