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    Spiral Farm

    I see a new movie listing for Teo on IMDB, it is titled "Spiral Farm" and he is listed to play Theo, I hope this movie is actually made vecause you see some listed early that never get done.
    I want to see Teo back on screen I was so excited for more afte
    Last Replied by Rush_Girl - February 18, 2018
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    Teo Halm's TV movie which was listed as 2016 on IMDB still was not on, obviously it is now 2017 but it shows as of January 1, 2017 as in post production.
    Camp - IMDB
    Last Replied by JeffOBrien - January 27, 2017
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    Earth to Echo

    We will use this area to talk about Teo's coming new movie Earth to Echo.
    The trailer looks awesome there are two here on this site I will post the links later or just in the search add earth to Ecgo and you will find them but I am sure you have all seen
    Last Replied by RichardD - March 28, 2014
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    Girl Meets World

    What a bummer was so excited when I heard he was going to be on this Boy Meets World spionoff as the older brother then Disney decides they dont want a brother on the show. Well they will regret it but anyways I hope the show is a hit but we still have Ea
    Last Replied by Teo's_Girl - May 19, 2014