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    Libby and Malcolm - Not picked up

    Those looking for Libby and Malcolm the pilot for this series was not picked up by ABC, so in other words, there will be no Malcolm and Libby and you might never see that pilot.
    That is how it goes with pilots peeps more are not picked up than those
    Last Replied by Lukas - October 1, 2018
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    Libby and Malcolm - Pilot

    So Sayeed is to play Cassius Black in Libby and Malcolm which is actually a pilot for a halh hour series from Black-ish creator.Now where is it? 2017 is almost gone and the pilot was to air in 2017, so what has ABC axed it before it even get going andy wo
    Last Replied by Ginette - November 16, 2017
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    Fav Sayeed TV series.

    What is your fav series that Sayeed has been in, regular or recurring, mine is In the Motherhood, also vote in the poll I made of this. :)
    Last Replied by Orin - August 21, 2017
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    Switched at Birth

    Sayeed recurring role on SWitched at Birth allowd him to make an appearance as Will Bishop this April 2017, before that he was last on the show in 2015.
    Did anyone catch the show? do you watch Switched at Birth or maybe jjst watched that episode because
    Last Replied by TheProtector - July 14, 2017
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    Libby and Malcolm

    Sayeed will play Cassius in the TV Movie, Libby and Malcolm, see more on his page forum by clicking link below.
    Last Replied by TheProtector - March 26, 2017
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    African Booty Scratcher

    I would love to see this short film featuring Sayeed, anyone know how it can be watched? Here is the synopsis from IMDB
    {Meet Ayo. He just wants to fit in. His parents are making it hard. Created by one of the writers of black-ish, "African Booty
    Last Replied by Lukas - February 10, 2017
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    Uncle Buck

    I liked Uncle Buck I was so mad when I heard it is gone after just one season. :(
    Sayeed was so good as Miles, love the show I am going to buy the DVD set. So did you all like it?
    Last Replied by Chris Kross - November 26, 2017