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    Death Stranding

    I have been curious about this game since I heard it announced a few years ago and have been waiting for a long time for it to be released. Unfortunately, it will not be out till the very last day of 2019, yep Dec 31, 2019, but you can preorder it now and
    Last Replied by StewartG - December 18, 2019
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    Games Deal

    Hey, I just noticed the Games Deal link in the right of the club there seem to be some awesome deals on this site has anyone ever used them and bought anything?
    Last Replied by Nasru - January 23, 2019
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    OMG from gameplay videos the trailer etc, if there is one game I would like to play it, is Red Dead Redemption 2, unfortunately, this game is like an R rated movie with cussing, sick violence, and gore and even yes sex. I would never be allowed to get thi
    Last Replied by Mikael_Kurri - January 3, 2019
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    Ring of Elysium

    Yo OMG guys who played this? it is one epic battle royale shooter, the game is freakin EPIC if you have not tried it head over to steam and play this I guarantee if you like shooters then you will love this.
    On the club here go to videos I added the
    Last Replied by Broderick - January 14, 2019
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    MOTHERGUNSHIP is just a few days away from release on July 17, I am waiting for this game as I had pre-ordered it for PS4, the game is also made for PC and XBOX ONE. It is an online multiplayer game.
    It mixes bullet-hell
    Last Replied by Shawn - October 8, 2018
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    Gaming Headsets

    I was going to say this is not an advertisement but I guess it is, I use the HyperX Cloud Flight headset for gaming and it is awesome. If you are loking for a good gaming headset then I would recommnd this as it is awesome both for listening and talking.
    Last Replied by Shawn - May 25, 2018
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    Far Cry 5

    I am starting this topic for any memebrs here that have and i splaying Far Cry 5, or those who are thinking of getting it. Talk about the game, game play strategies etc.
    I am getting the game in a few days as I have ordered it from Amazon.
    Last Replied by Shawn - April 21, 2018
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    Metal Gear: Survive

    Ok Metal gear: Survive is out now a while and who has played it what do you think? I have been seeing some bad reviews and I got to play it and while I think it is not as good as previous versions it is still ok. I will admit I do not think it is the best
    Last Replied by Shawn - March 19, 2018
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    Next Game.

    I am just wondering gamers, which game that you do not have now in your collection that you want to get next, either one that is avail now or coming soon.
    Last Replied by TheEDge - March 27, 2018
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    EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone

    This game will rock, it comes Sep 26..check info belwo and check trailer out in the club video area.
    EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone introduces next-gen ships for a new generation of pilots. All players will now be able to fly, fight and die together cro
    Last Replied by Marcus - December 9, 2017