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What's Next for Chandler

  • Julia
    March 18, 2018

    I love Chandler and now he is not on TWD I see two things for him on IMDB.

    Inherit the Viper (2018)

    Crime thriller about three siblings in Appalachia getting by as local opioids dealers, trying not to get caught in the spiral of violence that comes with the territory.



    Only (Pre-Production) as of March 18, 2018

    After a comet releases a mysterious virus that begins to kill all of the women in the world, a young couple's relationship is severely tested. They hide out (from both the illness and the savages who hunt the remaining women) in their over-sterilized apartment. Ultimately the duo escapes their self-imposed quarantine to head to the wilderness for one final experience together.

  • Juditka
    March 19, 2018
    Thank you for this good info, I can't wait to see Chandler doing other things besides The Walking Dead.