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    So, i today it was on and off raining in Orlando so we decided to stay at the resort instead of going to a park. But still had amazing time chasing my cousin around the halls up and down the stair in the hotel met some awesome guys and girls at the pool...  more
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    Awesome game series.
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      Commander Never played Far Cry but it does look pretty cool. Is it 3rd person or 1st person?
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    Rifles for sale issued to Liberals in the theatre of war never fired and only dropped once
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    Sorry everyone I misunderstood something a moderator told me. I am NOT restricted from writing more blogs. I just do not have enough points once again. I will regain point whenever I can. It may not be fast but this only because I am currently on...  more
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    It is not great but it is ok just I find the family and all the characters mildly annoying, good enough for 2.5 stars. I like the robot tho but the old season is more fun.