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    Yea she is devastated they got caught.
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      • Apr 12
  • This unbelievable Endgame time travel theory suggests the Avengers will travel back in time to stop… themselves - GamesRadar
  • RonnyG
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    The Obama and his wife are behind this, the law is only applies to the poor, Rich Liberals get off easy always watch for the college cheats to get a slap on the wrist.
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      Klattuu Your parents' feelings and politics I bet, not yours..too young but you just might be right on the Smollet case.
      • Apr 8
  • ‘Shazam!’ Surges To $51M+ Opening; ‘Pet Sematary’ Digging Up $24M – Late Night B.O. Update - Deadline
  • City of Chicago Will Sue Jussie Smollett over Alleged Attack - TMZ
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    Yea boi you not Jussie now you Jessie and U also a POS.