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How do I collect points?

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by Anonymous in Miscl about October 28, 2014 closed - report

How many reports does it take to get your account suspended?

How many reports does it take to get your account suspended??? just wondering just one my friend got on fanPOOP and they banned him he signing up here.

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    by Klattuu about October 29, 2014 Best answer

    Depends on what was done, there is hardly any problems here with established members. Those mostly happen to spammers who come to post links to disgusting sites, or trolls who come to stir trouble. Not many users are banned here we are a kinder gentler crowd; like some bars have a rough crowd, fights etc. we are the family restaurant. :)

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    by Sofine about November 2, 2014

    All welcome here if they need to be removed they get that, so dont try to say you dont want a ban fanpop person here. People hardly get baned her cept people that join just to be nasty.

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    by Kaitiexoxox about October 29, 2014

    K annon why u hiding n first if ur friend was banned at FanPop we dont want troublemakers here this is a cool place for kids who dont want the hasle like over there. k so no. This for nice peeps like me. :)

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    • Sofine
      by Sofine
      October 31, 2014

      yes but it dont matter where they were banned if they come here and cause no problems.

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    by Skater_TJ about October 29, 2014

    Fanpop is crap, I see so much inapropiate things there and always I see people cursing at each other so what monitoring they have banning people when I see curse outs posted a year ago still there?

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    by T.O Girl about October 28, 2014

    Well don't get an reports and you wont have to worry about being suspened. :P

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