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How do I collect points?

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by Anonymous in Miscl about Aug 21 closed - report

Do You Believe in Black Eyed Kids?

Do you think Black Eyed Kids are real? those stories are so scary.

These small kids appear at your door and ask to come in to use the phone or something but their eyes are all completely black. If you don't let them in they get mad but they go away after, if you let them in they KILL YOU. They also might try to get in your car.

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    by Shamir about Sep 23 Best answer

    Here is my answer, watch this video.IF YOU DARE.

  • 1

    by LilG about Oct 21

    Holy that video you posted is creepy, I never heard about these kids before now I am freaked out.

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  • 1

    by Upton about Oct 20

    They are real, they are demons.

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  • 9

    by Rex about Oct 20

    They are scary, stay away from me you creeps.

  • 3

    by JohnnyQ about Oct 18

    These kids come to my door I am giving them a real black eye. 

  • 5

    by Shay Cormac about Oct 18

    Veldig skummel.
  • 6

    by Rhea about Oct 17

    OMG! I believe in them I just hope I never see them they don't just come to your door they come to you in your car ask for a ride or they also panhandle for money, don't give them.

  • 6

    by StewartD about Oct 14

    Yes, they are real, pray they don't come to you.

  • 16

    by MateoG about Oct 13

    I never heard of these demons before, it sounds so scary.

  • 7

    by RobG about Oct 12

    Very scary.

  • 14

    by JeffOBrien about Oct 9

    I don't know, lots of strange things about so you never know.

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