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  • Posted September 5, 2018
    Thanks, guys for this movie suggestion, I did not know about it before but I will check my country's Netflix and see if it is on.
  • Posted September 6, 2018
    I watched this on Netflix, it was good and Toby Nichols was excellent and cute. cx
  • Posted September 7, 2018
    I have watched this 3 times once alone and then with diff friends, I told about it. :)
  • Posted September 8, 2018
    I have watched it on Netflix also, I liked it nicer short and to the point, I just don't understand the creep. He had no developed character at all, just some creep after them for some unknown reason.

    Toby Nichols was awesome though. :)
  • Posted September 10, 2018
    The only thing as lots of others here have said is the creep wearing sunglasses at night there is no explanation who he is and why is he doing this? We are to believe there could be creeps in the forest that just kill people, and that is possible I guess but how about a little explanation and make the movie 15 mins longer so what.
  • Posted September 11, 2018
    Yes, I agree a pretty good movie and Toby is awesome in this, like most I wish we got more info on the creep but other than that a nice indie.
  • Posted September 12, 2018
    I saw it and liked it, well I admit I do like movies like this but I liked the characters mostly the one played by Toby Nichols.
  • Posted September 13, 2018
    Lots of peeps here like DEsolation so I am going to check Netflix when I have some time to watch and check it out.
  • Posted September 16, 2018
    I like it but it was too short and no info about the creeper at all but I liked it. Toby rocked his role. cx
  • Posted September 17, 2018
    I saw it on Netflix, it was a cool movie no wonder I am scared of the forest. :P