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  • Posted February 3, 2021
    I am waiting for American Kings but besides that more of this talented young teen actor please, he should be in tons of things after "The Boy" he is so talented, I know he did about 40 episodes of Young and Restless and he was fantastic but he should be everywhere..cast Jared Breeze plz.

    Also, Jared must be about 14 now and all I see are pics of him as a child I want to see photos of him recently as a teen, there are zero I can find..come on Teen Stars Online find some. :)

    I am just desperate to see a recent photo, please.
  • Posted February 4, 2021
    Jared Breeze is now 15 years old, jobs for kids and teens are very competitive that causes even very talented young actors like Jared to be out of roles for a long time. It also doesn't help that Hollywood is so cliquish allowing favors to take the place of talent.
  • Posted February 6, 2021
    Jared is 15 now, wow he must have gone from super cute to super hot, I would love to see a recent photo and yes get this talent back on screen not to mention his good looks. cx

    Last time I saw him my mom was being very angry at him for pushing Abby down the stairs on TYATR. :P
  • Posted February 7, 2021
    He is a really good actor, I am surprised he is not in more stuff but could be like other child/teen actors he is not that interested right now.
  • Posted February 8, 2021
    One of the most amazingly cute child stars I have ever seen after I saw "The Boy" and not just good looks a good little actor. My mom said he is cute too but hated him for pushing Abbey down the stairs, well hated the character. lolz
  • Posted February 8, 2021
    Jared Breeze is 15 years old, he is your typical tall gangly teenager now as most boys are at that age unless they are obese. The boy is a good actor (Nice tie in no pun intended) but making it in tinsel town is not easy for child and teen actors and plus two bloody years wasted with the deadly pandemic.

    If all was right in the universe he would be scoring roles but Hollywood is a favor-driven cesspool and talent alone is not enough to take you to the top.
  • Posted February 8, 2021
    @Jeff_Wincott, how do you know he is 15 I have always searched for his age and how do you know what he looks like there are no new pics online at all, the oldest I have seen him is from YAR.

    I am a big fan I keep looking to see if he will be in any new movies but yes 2 years the Covid-19 has stopped so many movies being made and TV shows.

    Do you have pics with him at 15 can you post them?
  • Posted February 9, 2021
  • Posted February 13, 2021
    Jared Breeze was so cute starring in "The Boy" and on YAR, so he is 15 now I would love to see a pic also but nothing online at all I hope he gets back on TV or in a movie soon after this pandemic.
  • Posted February 22, 2021
    Jared Breeze is so cute and was awesome in The Boy and on TYATR, wow he is 15 now you said? I would love to see some recent pic of him as a teen. :) I would also like to see him back in movies after this pandemic that has paused life for almost 2 yeras. :(