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  • Posted October 9, 2018
    I loved this movie, liked Brandon Spink and Brighton Sharbino so that sure helped but I did love the movie, it is based on a true story of the Beam family. It is discovered that her 10-year-old daughter Anna has a very rare and incurable disease and the mom goes all out to find a solution. After the daughter has a freak accident, there is something miraculous when he is rescued. 

    If you have seen it what did you think? and if not watch it trust me.
  • Posted October 9, 2018
    I saw it, a good movie and it is based on a true story which makes it even more incredible.
  • Posted October 10, 2018
    Oh cool, I want to see it, I will check to see if it is on Netflix or something.
  • Posted October 11, 2018
    I saw this it is a very interesting story but hard to believe it is true but I guess so you never know.
  • Posted December 22, 2018
    I just saw "Miracles from Heaven" with Brandon Spink and also Brighton Sharbino you know who played Lizzie on TWD, it is such a good movie even if you do not believe.
  • Posted December 28, 2018
    I really liked this movie but I am a believer so maybe that is why as I know many have scoffed at it.
  • Posted March 11, 2019
    I like this movie it had a very good story.
  • Posted Jan 28
    I just watched this last night and I liked it, love stuff like this you can't always watch Hollywood's sex and violence. :P