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  • Posted September 10, 2020
    Has the making of a fine young actor but the film was a royal mess, such a jumbled mess compared to the fine books. It makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking because it could have been so good.

    As it is now just kids that love CGI would gobble it up and say it was awesome.
  • Posted Apr 16
    The first time I watched it I was mad and did not like it but I watched it again and it is not as bad as everyone is saying, though it did stray from the books a lot.
  • Posted Apr 26
    Actually people it was pretty cool I have watched it twice now.
  • Posted Apr 27
    Aran04 I am glad you liked it to me it was a boring mess so much junk going on at one time just a mess.
  • Posted Apr 28
    Ferdia Shaw is a fine young actor it was not him that made "Artemis Fowl" a bloody disaster.