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  • Posted November 11, 2018
    This afternoon bored I saw this and it was pretty good, this kid was cute and did some good acting and the movie is like 11 years old this kid must be about 20 now and I see he was in nothing after the movie.

    He did an awesome job so I guess he was not really interested in acting because I am sure he would have had a chance for more roles but maybe not the biz is tough but great job in the only role.
  • Posted May 2, 2019
    He was so cute in that movie, I guess he was not interested in acting since that is all he was in and no recent pics at all online he really stayed low key. All pics online are from when the movie was released and nothing after.
  • Posted May 2, 2019
    I agree I got to see that movie like a year and a half ago and he was so cute and did a good job also, first I thought he was Halley Berry's kid. I would love to see a recent pic of him he is not even a teen any longer.