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Chandler Canterbury broke out into the entertainment industry by booking a role in the feature film Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story starring Seann William Scott and Randy Quaid for director Danny Leiner ("Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) during the Fall of 2006 and hasn't looked back.

For 2008 he played "Benjamin Button" at the age of 8 in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for director David Fincher ("Fight Club" and "Seven"), starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. This Paramount and Warner Bros co-production are based on the short story by author F. Scott Fitzgerald about an 80-year-old man (Pitt) who is aging backward, causing complications when he falls in love with a 30-year-old woman (Blanchett).

Chandler was also seen in Summit Entertainment's thriller Knowing (2009) for director Alex Proyas ("I, Robot"), starring opposite Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne. He plays the son of a professor (Cage) who has discovered clues in a mysterious time capsule and must save mankind from the end of the world.

Chandler also appears in director Timothy Linh Bui's Powder Blue (2009) opposite Jessica Biel, Forest Whitaker, and Ray Liotta. He has also appeared as 'Jack' in After Life (2009). Chandler also has roles in Universal's Repo Men (2010) opposite Jude Law and Forest Whitaker and he plays 'Kelsey' in A Bag of Hammers (2010). He will also play Zach Bonner in Little Red Wagon set for 2012. Chandler continues his prolific run with roles in the films Standing Up (2012), "Angels Sing" (2013), "Plastic Jesus" (2013),  The Host (2013) and "Black Eyed Dog" (2014) as Malick.

With a subtle approach, imagination, and incredible emotional range, Chandler Canterbury is emerging as one of Hollywood's most exciting young actors. Born December 15, 1998, in Houston, Texas, he resides full time in Houston, Texas with his family. He is the middle child of three and has a younger sister and older brother. He won a 2008 Young Artist Award for his spine-tingling guest starring performance on the hit CBS series Criminal Minds.