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Ferdia Shaw


Ferdia Shaw is an Irish teen actor who was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 29, 2004, but lived mostly in Kilkenny with his family. Ferdia is the grandson of actor Robert Shaw who is well known for the role of Quint in the 70s hit film Jaws.

He is a member of Young Irish Film Makers, where youth are given the chance to learn about film making and he has made several of his own short films. He has appeared in local theatre productions with Barnstorm Theatre Company.

Ferdia made his on-screen debut as the titular character in Disney’s “Artemis Fowl” in winning the role he beat out 1, 200 other young actors for the role.

His agency bio reports he is an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy and also enjoys playing cards and board games, with Talisman being his favorite he is also a big Star Wars fan.  He has a couple of siblings, both of whom are older than him.