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Teen actor Levi Miller was born in Australia, he was an unknown actor when he was selected after a long search to play the role of the fantastical character in the film "Pan" (2015). He joined a cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara, and Garrett Hedlund. This version is set during WWII and follows the original tale of Peter Pan as he sets off to save Neverland from the pirate Captain Blackbeard.

His only other roles prior were the shorts "Akiva" (2010) and  "Great Adventures" (2012) along with a small role in the film A Heartbeat Away (2011) and a guest role on the series "Terra Nova."

Levi is set to follow up "Pan" with a role in the CBS series "Supergirl," he played the role of Carter Grant, the son of Calista’s Flockhart’s Cat Grant. Carter is a 12-years-old and “has a crush on Supergirl”, which he confesses to his babysitter, Kara. 

Following Pan he is also attached to the features Red Dog: True Blue  (2016) as Mick, "Jasper Jones" (2017), "American Exit" and for 2018 "A Wrinkle in Time."