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Skyler Brigmann


Skyler Brigmann is an American teen actor known for his work on “The Legend of Korra” (2014) where he is the voice of Kai. He was also the voice of Buckeye the Beaver in the series “Tumble Leaf.”

Other episodic TV work includes appearances on “Futurestates” in the episode (Return to Elektra Springs) as Brian and an amazing performance as the autistic Sammy Sparks on “Criminal Minds” (Coda) (2011) and “Children’s Hospital” (2010 as Noah.

His feature roles include “Enter the Dangerous Mind” (2013), “Commander and Chief” (2012) and “Letters from the Big Man” (2011).

Skyler has also appeared in numerous short films such as “CarJack” (2011), “My Education” (2010), “Gosia's Witch” (2009), “Reunion” and many others.

He likes baseball, soccer, and tennis and plays the piano and is the creator of Epic Productions.