Sticks and Stones
Emo Boy
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Posted by Emo Boy  . November 24, 2017
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Video Description
Penine Film Festival 'Peoples Choice Award'
Coventry Film Festival 'Best Performance Jack Greenhough'
"One can always count on finding true cinematic gems from among the independent productions. Whatever your expectations are about the film, Sticks and Stones won't leave you indifferent. Recommended!" Georgi Krastev

George Taylor is not a typical ten year old schoolboy, he has no friends, no ambition and no emotional connection to anyone or anything. More worryingly is the fact that George doesn't seem bothered.
However this is not the usual story of a lone schoolboy struggling to make friends and feeling different, for George is special.
George is special because he has a secret that no one knows about, a secret that will show everyone the real George Taylor.
George counts down the days until he can reveal his secret to everyone with devastating consequences.
Sticks and Stones is a story that will shock and disturb, this will never have a happy ending.
Filmed in the Midlands Sticks and Stones is a short, independent film that took around 30 minutes to write and 8 months to make, costing virtually nothing, just time and patience.
To see the original script and how it differs from the finished film visit