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STOP BULLYING! a short Film

Posted by BTRChick
It happens in the school hallways, at lunch, on the bus, online. Bullying. Bullying is a terrible thing! I wanted to make this video because I really want to get the word out about Stopping Bullying. Nobody deserves to be bullied, no matter how different from you they are. What you may consider joking around someone else may consider harassment. You may bully because you are bored. Why? Why do you enjoy watching people's self esteem go down, down, down? Some bully because they have their own problems and feel relieved when they give other people problems. That's not right! Tell a counselor, teacher, parent or someone trust and they can help you work through those problems, and trust me it's a lot less painful and so much easier. In this video, I (long Dark hair) represented the girl who was always there but never said anything when she saw bullying happen. But that's not right either, tell someone! You my think it'll make things worse but by simply telling a teacher, you could save someone's life! I hope you enjoy this video! Mikayla (Long Blond wavy Hair) Kinley (Short Dirty blond Hair) Tinsley (Blond hair) Brianna (Short black hair) Micah (brown/black hair) If you read this entire description, please send/share/tweet this to at least one friend, family member, youtuber, or a celebrity. (justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift ect.) We want to spread the word of bullying and with your help, it's possible!!
Posted September 3, 2015 - #  #stop  #bullies 
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